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Infologic Nederland B.V.

Tel: +31 229 548854


Infologic is leader in technological development of dynamic display solutions. Our roots lie in advanced Flight Information Display Systems. We continuously present the next generation in information display technology while retaining our core principles of reliability, flexibility, performance and user-friendliness. We supplied our software to prestigious airports like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Singapore. In addition, affordable yet dedicated high-tech solutions have been implemented at numerous small to medium sized venues around the world.

Founded in 1992 by a group of people that worked in information display system design and implementation for a long time already, from the very start, Infologic aimed to make a difference and became a key-provider of information display systems. Based on the growing demands of the European market, Infologic opened European headquarters in the Netherlands already 1995. Currently, the Dutch office expanded into the global headquarters, with a development department in Perth, Australia.

Being one of the first to evolve information display systems into dynamic display systems, our products became state-of-the-art yet affordable not just for airports but for displaying information at any venue, large or small, inside and outside.

And displaying information is what we do best. We are the classic messenger of good and bad. We live information, providing it with the highest accuracy in real-time to anyone at anytime, anywhere and anyhow.

Our vision is that all venues in the world should have the ability to own a full-fledged information display system, regardless of their budget or type of implementation; at airports, in trains and at train stations, universities, medical centers, anything goes. The level of features provided by a system should not be based on the size of a venue, as if smaller venues want to provide less detailed information than larger venues! We want to make a difference; systems are licensed and priced based on quantity of users and connected LCD display panels, providing the same default high level of functionality and features for all our customers.

Our customers are continuously involved in our research and development strategy. By paying attention to their needs and listening to their requests and suggestions, we extended our system into the most versatile, stable, reliable, comprehensive and environmentally sensible signage system on today’s market. And we’re not done yet; we will keep on going to further improve and expand our products to keep our system ahead of tomorrow’s market as well. Information display systems are not just another product in our catalogue; our information systems are our passion and will always continue to have our utmost attention and dedication.

While protecting our stability and high availability, we will never cease to implement the latest technologies in our products; improving in performance as well as in ease of use, stability and functionality provided. To be able to serve the widest market of customers, our products are venue independent, platform independent, SQL database brand independent and hardware independent.

In our 24 years of existence we have earned a solid reputation in the market for high-performance information display systems. We realize that we need to keep extending our products and services. All our systems are versatile, sophisticated and ready for the future. No matter how large or small your company is, we are able to customize our products to perfectly fit your and your customers’ needs.


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