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Planning for the future

Gerard Geurtjens, project director, Schiphol Group, speaks to Passenger Terminal Today about what is expected from the tender submissions for the development of Schiphol Airport’s new pier and airside area

Why has it become necessary to construct a new flexible pier and airside area?
The aviation industry is very dynamic and competition is fierce. There are two main drivers for constructing the pier – capacity and quality. There is a lack of capacity for wide body aprons and aircraft stands and the number of passengers and airplanes is growing very fast. That puts pressure on quality and customer satisfaction if the infrastructure isn’t extended.

What do you hope to see from the tenders put forward?
Tenders are handled according to the principles of Best Value Procurement. This approach gives the participants lots of freedom to make a difference in quality at the airport. Schiphol wants to work with partners that give us the highest quality standard. Partners are expected to contribute creative ideas on how Schiphol can achieve its ambitions as cost-efficiently and effectively as possible.

What are the main criteria that applicants must fulfill?
The selection process is divided into three stages: the First Selection, the Detailed Selection and the verification of the Self-Declaration. The aim of the First Selection is to select candidates whose applications comply with the following criteria: financial and economic capacity, technical and organizational competence, and social eligibility.

In what ways will the development be a ‘pier of the future’?
Schiphol has new ambitions for the future and we set the new requirements for this pier based on these ambitions. Hence, the pier will differ from the current ones and that is why we call the new pier ‘the pier of the future’.

What new technologies/materials do you expect the project to feature?
We have a strong focus on sustainability and have included eight guiding principles related to sustainability in the project. This includes wellbeing; the use of sustainable materials; efficient energy use and sustainable energy generation; air quality; sustainable employment; noise and the local community; efficient water consumption; and visible sustainability.

How important is it to create a sense of place for the passenger?
This is very important to us as having a passenger centric experience is one of the project’s ambitions. To us, it is not the construction that comes first, but the traveler’s experience. The needs of our guests at our airport are our main priority. We want to develop a place that is relevant and meaningful to everyone, and in doing so we want to give substance to the need for a sense of place: a place of welcome, peacefulness, inspiration and sharing, a place that personifies the character of the Netherlands and Schiphol.

May 20, 2016



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