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Macau International launches food waste recycling scheme

Macau International Airport, located on the island of Taipa, has introduced a new food waste recycling programme, which aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the airport.

Food waste decomposition equipment, known as a food waste disposer, has been installed at the airport and a food waste collection point set nearby the north car park.

A range of restaurants, companies and services that operate at Macau Airport will be participating in the programme. Airport bodies supporting the scheme include catering services company Servair Macau, which produces over 10,000 meals a day, McDonald’s restaurant, the airport’s CIP Lounge, East Sun Cleaning Services, Brilliant Landscaping and Gardening company, and other airport restaurants.

The participating organisations will separate food waste from general rubbish, before separating out the biodegradable waste, such as meat, small bones, bread, rice, pasta, vegetables and fruits. The airport’s cleaning staff will collect the biodegradable waste and deliver it to the food waste disposer for processing.

The recycling programme aims to turn all food waste into an endless supply of organic fertiliser to reduce the use of chemical fertilisers. Greenery staff will be on hand to collect the compost to grow more plants at the airport.

The food waste disposer uses microbial decomposition technology that degrades the majority of food waste into water, carbon dioxide and the remaining into organic fertiliser. The degradation process does not produce any odour, harmful gases or other residual waste.

The disposer can handle up to 150kg of food waste per day. Macau International will consider further enhancements to the machine’s handling capacity based on the quantity of waste produced during the scheme.

Statistics showed that the country’s incineration plant based at the Macao Incineration Centre, processed 230,000 tonnes of solid waste in the year 2000, which increased to 320,000 tonnes in 2012, a total increase of 39% across 12 years. It was calculated that an average of almost 900 tonnes of solid waste needs to be incinerated every day, of which about one third is food waste.

Macau Airport announced it bears its “social responsibility” and will commit to protecting the country’s environment with its own sustainability policies.

November 6, 2013


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