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Access-IS is passionate about enabling the world’s population to move around the planet and access services quickly, safely and securely. Our engineers use advanced technologies to resolve these vital challenges in new ways.

Access-IS is at the forefront of the development of innovative electronic systems, specializing in image processing, RFID/NFC and contactless EMV payment technology, barcode reading and specialist keyboards to accurately capture and transfer data into electronic systems.

Access-IS products can be found in over 35 of the world’s largest airports. Access-IS is a world leader in the design and manufacture of technology for reading barcodes, RFID/NFC and passports/ID cards for a range of applications from check-in to boarding.

Access-IS manufactures a range of contactless ticket and boarding pass readers that allow a safe and secure passenger journey. By reducing physical touchpoints at every stage, from check-in and bag-drop to boarding, Access-IS products help airports and airlines to protect their customers and employees from the risks of Covid-19.

New for 2021 is CoBolt™, a state-of-the-art, highly configurable, multi-functional OCR/MSR reader with a low profile, compact design, unmistakable user feedback and options for 1D/2D barcode reading and RFID functionality.

CoBolt allows for both desktop use and simple OEM integration into countertops. The device delivers fast (non-swipe) MRZ decoding of passports and ID cards and also includes an option for an ergonomic MSR swipe reader for credit and FQTV cards.

Designed for future-proof operation, the unit can be supplied equipped with contactless/ RFID operation for biometric chip capture, ethernet capability for cloud connection, mobile power via a USB port and if permissible, can provide full-page passport/ID image capture.

Accredited to ISO9001:2015 and with a track record stretching over 30 years and 70 countries, Access-IS continues to guarantee the highest standards with its dedicated R&D team and manufacturing hub in the UK with only the highest quality materials and techniques.


ADR400 CoBolt™ – Highly configurable, multi-functional OCR/MSR reader with options for 1D/2D barcode reading and RFID functionality

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