Guardavalle 63
53049 Torrita di Siena (SI)
+39 0577 684511

The effective management of baggage transfer and screening is a top priority for airports worldwide. The baggage must be moved, handled and controlled with accuracy, speed and safety. CASSIOLI Airport Division is the answer to this challenge.

The full range of BHS products and the attitude to innovation and qualityenable solutions of CASSIOLI Airport Division to meet the needs of modern airports. The new division is able to design, simulate, develop, start-up and maintain systems for sorting and checking baggage. CASSIOLI Airport Division is a company of CASSIOLI Group, a reference point for many important multinational companies interested in improving the efficiency of their production and distribution systems.

For over 70 years, CASSIOLI Group provides customized solutions for a wide variety of industrial sectors, offering products and services for materials handling, storage of raw materials / semi-finished goods / finished goods, for manipulation of production process and for order preparation and shipment.

In its five plants, the Group produces automatic warehouses, assembly lines, testing systems, automatic guided vehicles, robotized workstations and, with CASSIOLI Airport Division, a full range of products and systems for baggage handling at airports.

CASSIOLI Airport Division has installed its systems in many airports all around the world and, over the years, every collaboration with the customers has represented a contribution in terms of experience and specific knowledge thereby creating added value for the projects implemented.