Nurus Teknoloji Pazarlama A.Ş

Nurus Teknoloji Pazarlama A.Ş
1. Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Osmaniye Mh., Oğuz Cd. 25 06935 Ankara / Turkey
(+90) 312 589 00 00

Nurus which established as a carpenter’s workshop by Nurettin Usta (Master) in 1927 in Ankara, Turkey, has become one of the leading professional furniture manufacturers.

To follow economic, cultural and social changes closely; to listen the users and understand their needs; to provide people-oriented solutions that satisfy ever-changing emotions and habits are the elements, which build up the starting point of Nurus’ design approach.

With the passion deep-rooted in its genetics, Nurus provides innovative services to its business partners and users.