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Power Stow is specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative baggage and cargo handling system solutions for airports, airlines and ground handlers.

With strong focus on quality, reliability and continuous improvements Power Stow has become the global market leader in the extendable belt loader technology.

Power Stow is dedicated to delivering solutions that contribute to more efficient and cost-effective baggage and cargo handling operations, as well as creating a better working environment at airports with equipment that reduces the physical strain on the baggage handling staff.

Power Stow´s products are designed to deliver highly reliable operations with low maintenance cost, resulting in a low total cost of ownership. Power Stow´s equipment works around the clock at over 150 airports in more than 30 countries.

Transfer Belt – ergonomic unloading aid

Increase your throughput with Power Stow´s ergonomic unloading aid. Innovation for easier, more productive and faster unloading of baggage and cargo at airports worldwide.

The Transfer Belt is designed to transfer bags from various types of containers and carts onto the conveyor belt. The innovative baggage handling method offers faster and easier unloading of bags and cargo. Using the Transfer Belt significantly reduces baggage handlers´ workload. Heavy twisting and lifting movements become obsolete. Operators enjoy easier workdays and are more productive.

Rollertrack Conveyor- extendable belt loading system

Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor is a versatile belt loader extension that is built into a mobile belt conveyor in order to facilitate the loading and offloading of passenger baggage and cargo in the aircraft cargo hold.

The Power Stow Rollertrack Conveyor reaches inside the aircraft’s cargo hold, makes the 90° turn and delivers bags to the ramp agent inside. Simple, safe and logical for users, the system has by customer analysis proven to reduce body injuries by more than 50% and provides ground handlers, airports and airlines option for up to 35% faster baggage handling times.

The Rollertrack Conveyor systems are designed to deliver highly reliable operations with low maintenance costs, resulting in a low total cost of ownership.

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