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Baggage Tags
SEIKODO has been devoted ourselves to manufacturing and selling seals, labels and tags for three decades.

It is our mission to supply our customers with the best quality products in a prompt manner and we believe we have tried our best to achieve it and will in the future as well.

In the air transportation industry, we deal with baggage tags such as easy peel type, linerless tags and RFID tags.
Our lineless tags can help solve various issues airlines and airports have and it should be easy and fast for passengers who need to tag it by themselves. Our linerless tags deserve it. Without liner to peel off, it creates no waste. Also, it can save time because it is easy, that is passengers just loop it around the baggage handle and press the both ends together to attach. Thus, our linerless tags can reduce long queue and passengers’ frustration. Furthermore, there would require less staffs.

Since the material used to our lineless tags has been used for the baggage tags for a long period time, it is trustworthy and reliable.

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