Smart Flows

Smart Flows
5 rue Elzevir 75003 Paris France

Smart Flows is a French software editor that supports business leaders who are unaware of how passengers use their facilities & services in understanding their behaviours to improve operations efficiency, increase retail revenues and raise passenger satisfaction.

Forecast passenger flows in all areas of your airport to make sharper decisions and use the forecast for:
o Real-time passenger flow supervision
o Social Distancing supervision
o Passenger Incident debriefing
o Terminal resources forecast & optimization
o Airline/ground handlers Level of Service monitoring
o Retail revenue increase
o Asset Maintenance

The software suite transforms existing location data (Wi-Fi logs, beacons), airport data (AODB, RMS, PBS), sales data, CRM data among others to generate bespoke KPIs in Real-Time, Reporting, and Forecast modes.
Smart Flows owns a 3 times patented SaaS solution that benefits from frequent releases.

Smart Flows has been providing a 360° view on passenger flows for the past 10 years covering 1.5 billion visitors per year in 350+ sites in more than 18 countries and counts among its clients Paris Airport, Geneva Airport, Montreal Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Munich Airport, Riyadh Airport, Nice Airport, Gares & Connexions (the French Railway operator), etc.