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Transoft Solutions offers state-of-the-art software and services to the global aviation industry. Whether a project involves evaluating the effectiveness of new terminal layouts, modeling passenger terminal processes, optimizing aircraft parking stands or evaluating air traffic complexity in real time, Transoft Solutions has a solution to successfully complete the task with confidence.

AirTOP – Airport & Airspace Fast-Time Simulation

AirTOP is a fast-time air traffic and airport complexity modeling, simulation, and assessment tool. To help stakeholders with decision-making in airport and airspace environments, the advanced software allows scenario editing, simulation, and reporting through a single sophisticated interface. Different AirTOP modules are used for assessing and improving the capacity of airport terminals, airport terminal airspaces, or airport airside operations. The WIZer module provides users with real-time traffic demand to assist in forecasting and assessing traffic complexity and controller workload.

En-route simulation with AirTOP

AirTOP Terminal – Simulate, test, validate and optimize passenger terminal operations

The AirTOP Terminal module lets designers, planners, airlines, and airport operators to build 2D and 3D models of complete airport terminals, for modeling, analyzing and visualizing passenger and baggage flow in fast time. This helps with evaluating designs, new processes, system changes, and infrastructure modifications, as well as what-if analysis, to improve terminal performance and capacity, and avoid unnecessary costs and disruption. AirTOP includes dynamic features and rule-based modeling of all terminal processes such as check-in, passport control, security control, baggage claim and retail areas.

AirTOP Terminal allows users to model and simulate different types of passenger movements throughout the airport terminal


AviPLAN – Airside planning, design and operations software

AviPLAN, helps users meet today’s specific airside planning, design and operations challenges. The software delivers the latest technology to ensure that even the most complex apron, taxiway, or runway planning or operations tasks can be taken on with confidence and the assurance that accurate results will follow.

AviPLAN jet blast studies


AeroSTRIPE – Intelligent airside marking design software

AeroSTRIPE improves the management of airside marking projects by enabling users to draw complex airside markings quickly and accurately, while simultaneously verifying that markings are drawn in accordance with regulatory standards.

AeroSTRIPE allows you to draw a wide range of airport markings from both the ICAO and FAA standards.

SkySAFE – The optimum tool for obstacle clearance compliance

SkySAFE assists with protecting airport departure and approach paths. It allows accurate and efficient analysis of obstacles to ensure they don’t penetrate or threaten obstacle limitation surfaces defined in regulatory guidelines.

Aircraft Data viewer – Aircraft Specifications at your fingertips

Aircraft Data Viewer provides accurate and easy access to aircraft specifications of over 550 different airplanes and helicopters.

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