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AeroCloud Systems
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AeroCloud provides modular, scalable, intelligent airport management software built on leading-edge technology. Our 100% cloud native platform uses predictive artificial intelligence and machine learning, delivering an innovative answer to the complex operational challenges experienced by airports across the globe.

Our modular Intelligent Airport Management System (iAMS) and Flight Management System reduce manual inputs and centralise data, making it available to all airport stakeholder groups. In addition, self-service, contactless and common-use passenger processing services help airports efficiently manage the ebb and flow of passenger volumes.

With sizeable market consolidation, which has stifled technical innovations and value for money, airports have found the choice of suitable IT vendors increasingly limited. In response, AeroCloud’s experienced technical team has created an innovative software platform based squarely on customer requirements. It makes operations, IT and commercial teams’ jobs easier by centralising airport data, automating tasks, predicting passenger numbers and managing gate usage in real-time, thus increasing airport passenger numbers.

Our platform is accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. All modules are configured within the cloud and can be quickly and easily updated remotely. User access is via a web interface, removing the need to access a local network. The platform is hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), which delivers dependable security, fast processing speeds and scalability.

CEO and Co-Founder George Richardson is the driving force behind AeroCloud’s development into a global success story. CTO and Co-Founder Ian Forde-Smith, formerly FS Walker Hughes, combines cutting-edge technical skills with deep industry experience. Co-Founder Paul Secker, formerly Flight Solutions, is AeroCloud’s Global Director of Common-Use Passenger Processing Solutions.

Our platform currently supports operations in 32 airports across the US and Europe, serving over 120 million passengers annually. AeroCloud plans to expand into MENA in 2023.

  • AeroCloud Systems
  • AeroCloud Systems