ZGF Architects

ZGF Architects
1123 SW Washington Street, Suite 200
Portland, Oregon, USA 97205

ZGF Architects is a design firm with a focus on architecture, interior design, and urban design. Founded in Portland, Oregon, with a mission to strive for design excellence, stewardship of our natural and built environment, commitment to social equity and diversity in the profession, and exceptional client service, the firm has grown to include offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, New York, and Vancouver, BC. ZGF’s design philosophy is centered on the premise that design excellence should be reflected in each and every aspect of a building–its fit with the community, its function and relationship to its users, its building systems, and its cost. Our intentionally diverse design portfolio allows us to make a difference at all scales and for all people. For more, visit¬†www.zgf.com.

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