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IATA to promote Level of Service at Passenger Terminal EXPO 2018

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) will be taking a booth at this year’s Passenger Terminal EXPO, which takes place 20-22 March, in Stockholm, Sweden, to help promote its Level of Service (LoS) program and to explain how it can help airports get the most out of their existing terminal facilities, as well as plan for the future.

UK airports and the passenger demand for wi-fi

Paul Hinchy, head of transport at WiFi Spark, discusses the importance of wi-fi in airport terminals, which is cited as one of the most important amenities for passengers who expect a fully-connected experience while traveling.

Digital innovation guiding airports to success

Gautam Samanta, head of Europe, NIIT Technologies, discusses how adopting new technology will help airports deliver the high-quality experience and operation they desire.

Wayfinding for airports of the future: part two

Understanding the critical role that airports will play years from now and the sociocultural and technological shifts affecting airports today, experiential graphic design company Entro has begun exploring the potential impacts of these developments in relation to wayfinding and branded environments

Cross-border collaboration

Tony Chapman, senior director, product management and strategic programs, global airports at Rockwell Collins, speaks to PTW about the progress being made with IATA’s One ID seamless travel initiative

Tech Talk

IT systems are an essential investment, but which are the most prudent for airports to buy into and how are they impacting customer satisfaction levels?

Designed for people

Professor Max Hirsh, an expert on airport urbanism at the University of Hong Kong, explains the benefits of adopting a people-focused approach to airport development

How is automation changing airport security?

Consider the last three times you went through airport security. Chances are, you’ll remember different experiences at each instance. That’s because airports around the world are going through a massive digital transformation to accommodate a rapidly growing rate of annual travellers.

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