Travizory installs health-checking biometric corridor in Seychelles International Airport

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The airport security firm Travizory Border Security has installed a biometric corridor (‘biocorridor’) for traveler screening at Seychelles International Airport in the Republic of Seychelles, to create a contactless travel experience for passengers.

The system has an overall match time of one second per traveler, meaning it can screen an average of 30 travelers per minute for health risks. Leveraging this tool, a full wide-body aircraft with 300 travelers can be processed in approximately 10 minutes. As Seychelles was one of the first countries to reopen fully to tourists, regardless of vaccination status, in early 2021, the biocorridor was installed to replace travel authorization (TA) QR codes and ease the flow of passengers through the terminal.

Integrated with the Seychelles Islands travel authorization system, the biocorridor uses its facial recognition technology to validate if the traveler has submitted the required health documentation and has been authorized for travel. The corridor also checks passengers’ temperatures with a thermal camera to determine their classification for handling. The system then flags to the health officer on duty how each traveler has been categorized, based on the conducted risk assessment. Travelers may be directed straight to immigration, sent for medical examination or sent for quarantine. To increase Covid-19 safety, travelers can also keep their masks on at all times and continue walking throughout the biocorridor, without compromising its accuracy. This maximizes the flow of travelers and reduces interaction while in transit.

Renaud Irminger, CEO of Travizory, said, “We are excited to install our state-of-the-art biocorridor in the Seychelles, to aid and improve Covid-19 screening on arrival. This groundbreaking technology will completely overhaul existing health processes – delivering a paperless and contactless experience for all travelers entering the country. Our biocorridor will guarantee greater security, more efficiency and a better experience for visitors to these beautiful islands. We look forward to rolling out more of our industry-leading technology for the Seychelles and playing our role in securing these islands against health risks and illegal activities.”

Garry Albert, CEO of Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), said, “Seychelles International Airport is a pivotal port of entry for our visitors. Digitizing the entire arrival process, and the installation of Travizory’s biocorridor is a major step in our continuous efforts to improve customer experience by embracing new technology as we pave the way to attain a 5-star customer service. As the airport business grows, we need to operate effectively as an organization and meet ICAO’s requirements. I am extremely proud of my team and the work that they have done in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport, the Public Health Authority and Travizory and look forward to welcoming more passengers to our airport as we continue to upgrade and innovate.”

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