Dublin Airport car parking tags help passengers find their cars

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Dublin Airport has introduced color coded luggage tags to help passengers remember where they parked their car. The tags include space to fill in the zone and row where the car is parked.

The tags are color coded to represent the airport’s three long-term car parks and are located at the shuttle bus stops in the red, green and blue parking lots. About 4,000 customers of Dublin Airport’s long-term parking lot forgot where they had parked their car last year, and required help to find their vehicle.

Paul O’Kane, chief communications officer at DAA, said, “We have almost 19,000 long term car parking spaces and, on average, our car park team receives 11 calls per day from customers who have forgotten where they have parked their car.

“Some passengers are in a heightened state of excitement or anxiety trying to remember everything before they travel so it’s perhaps understandable that they forget where they have parked their car by the time they have returned to Dublin Airport.

“As a consequence, our car park colleagues came up with a simple solution to help our customers remember where they have parked. All they have to do is pick up the colored coded luggage tag at the bus stop in the car park and note down the zone and row where they have parked. Even if customers don’t take the tags, it encourages them to remember where they have parked and maybe take a note or a picture on their phone.”

Customers that use the Dublin Airport app can also geotag where they have parked their car.

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