Seating isolation barriers for terminals

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Responding to the demands Covid-19 is placing on airports, seating specialist Zoeftig has launched a social distancing barrier for terminal seats. The company says iZolate is an adaptable and flexible system that can be retrofitted onto a wide range of seating types in a variety of configurations.

It states that implementation of the barriers creates a comfortable and personal environment for travelers while they wait for their flights and also helps enable them to maintain an appropriate social distance throughout busy airports, helping to combat the spread of Covid-19 by dividing occupiable seats.

The patent applied system is constructed of 100% recyclable, lightweight corrugated card that can be wiped clean and can be installed in a range of orientations to suit the layout of each airport.

The system can be installed on back-to-back units and single rows of seating for symmetry and increased protection, while staggered arrangements across gangways with opposite seating positions can also be adopted to maximize available seat capacity while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

Zoeftig notes that the visual design of the card shields can also be customized with full color bespoke prints, including airport logos, warning and advisory symbols, advertising opportunities and gate numbers. The decals are printed with environmentally friendly water-based ink, and hook-over interchangeable number plaques also available for additional identification and boarding order management purposes.

Paul Williams, CEO and president of Zoeftig, said, “As one of the leading manufacturers of airport seating across the globe, we knew we had a responsibility to support our clients in maintaining the safety of their passengers, without impending on the overall design and feel of the airport terminal. That’s why our latest social distancing barrier, iZolate, has been specifically designed and manufactured to provide a flexible, cost-effective solution that can be tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.”

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