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An interactive approach to engaging the luxury customer

Luxury brands like Burberry have found new ways of harnessing social media to engage with customers. Ibrahim Ibrahim, managing director of Portland Design, explores the benefits of these new channels to airport retailers

Room for improvement

Roberto Castiglioni, director of awareness group Reduced Mobility Rights, discusses some of the difficulties disabled passengers still face in traversing the airport environment, and how they can be improved

Reviving the traveling consumer

Ibrahim Ibrahim, managing director, Portland Design, explores how airports are creating relaxing environments for passengers to reduce the levels of anxiety associated with travel

People in mind

Christina Röseler, consultant at Pragma Consulting, shares her views on how airports can define their identity by connecting with their passengers

Defining the passenger experience

Susan Gray of Concession Planning International considers the important relationship between creating and delivering a clear customer experience strategy and commercial performance

Risky business

David Stark, senior vice president, practice leader enterprise risk and resilience, at Marsh Risk Consulting, examines risk in the airport industry and the best practices adopted by airport operators.

Expecting the unexpected

Ibrahim Ibrahim, managing director, Portland Design, examines the Millennial traveler’s cravings for convenience and serendipity, and how brands, retailers and airports can start to configure and cater to their needs.

Take a seat

Paul Williams, Zoeftig CEO and president, discusses the latest trends in airport seating

DIY departure

John Jarrell, head of the airport IT unit of Amadeus IT Group explores how the pre-departure experience is being re-imagined through self-service technology

Maximizing Christmas sales

Rosemary Chegwyn, head of sales and marketing EDA Australasia, explores how travel retailers can increase sales during the holiday season

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