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Improving the security experience

Martin Bowman, strategy director of global aviation at Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions, discusses strategies for optimizing passenger throughput and satisfaction

Getting to know passengers intimately

Mignon Buckingham, managing director of global loyalty agency ICLP, explains why turning disinterested passengers into devoted customers is vital when it comes to maximizing revenue, and how developing a deep understanding of a passenger’s needs and desires is the first step on this journey

The forgotten threat to the aviation industry

Luke Treglown, an analyst with risk consultancy JTiP, provides an insight into some of the dangers when recruiting for the aviation sector and explains how disgruntled employees can provide as much threat as a bad hire

Rethinking the security model

Following the tragic terrorist attack at Zaventem Airport in Brussels in March, Yves Duguay, president of security consultancy HCiWorld, outlines what more can be done to improve security within the airport’s operational environment

America on hold

Lionel Ohayon, founder and CEO of ICRAVE, explores how airports in the USA can bring passenger amenities into the 21st century by fully utilizing their hold room space and encouraging local pop-up retail experiences

A global approach to identifying security threats

In the wake of the Russian Metrojet incident in Sinai, Udi Segall, director of vertical marketing at Qognify, reflects on what actions should be taken when unattended luggage is left in a terminal and what measures can be taken to optimize the process further

An interactive approach to engaging the luxury customer

Luxury brands like Burberry have found new ways of harnessing social media to engage with customers. Ibrahim Ibrahim, managing director of Portland Design, explores the benefits of these new channels to airport retailers

Room for improvement

Roberto Castiglioni, director of awareness group Reduced Mobility Rights, discusses some of the difficulties disabled passengers still face in traversing the airport environment, and how they can be improved

Reviving the traveling consumer

Ibrahim Ibrahim, managing director, Portland Design, explores how airports are creating relaxing environments for passengers to reduce the levels of anxiety associated with travel

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