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Traveler satisfaction, whether it concerns the seasonal or the business traveler, is of key importance for every airport manager. New innovative improvements, resulting in faster boarding times, timely departures and up-to-date travel information, are in high demand in the constantly changing airport environment. Improved efficiency creates more time for staff to provide a personal approach, which in turn improves customer satisfaction levels and creates an advantage over competitors.

The emergence of intelligent announcement systems have been key to improving the customer experience as they guide travelers from their first step into the airport through the self-check-in procedures, drop-off zones, shopping areas and finally to the departure gates, all in their native tongue.

AviaVox develops state-of-the-art intelligent artificial voice systems for airports and airlines, using high quality generated synthetic voices in a multitude of languages. The artificial announcements generated by the AviaVox software, use digitized speech fragments called phonemes, to get the intonation, speed and timbre indistinguishable from native human speakers. Moreover, the phoneme-technology also generates a remarkably high level of guaranteed natural speech for more tonal languages such as Mandarin Chinese, and for more complex grammar languages such as Russian.

The AviaVox system is designed to be highly flexible, as announcements often require specific adjustments in relatively short timeframes. These adjustments allow for crowd-control possibilities by directing the flow of passengers, preventing announcement deafness as part of a ‘silent airport’ policy, creating a less hectic, and more professional, customer-friendly environment. Thanks to the AviaVox technique, the announcement policy of an airport or airline can be followed and not vice versa.

Apart from the excellent voice quality of the announcements, customers of the AviaVox solutions greatly benefit from the continuous maintenance of the AviaVox voice-base. As pre-recorded systems require weeks – if not months – to be updated with new words or sentences, the AviaVox phoneme technology enables an automatic update with new speech fragments to form newly required words or sentences.

The AviaVox system supports the daily operations of an airport by interfacing with airport operational databases (AODB’s), interface brokers and public address systems (PA systems). Based on the provided information and the announcement policy drawn by either the airport or airline, announcements will be made in the applicable PA-zones. As AviaVox provides an integrated solution with existing systems at the airport, only limited hardware investments are needed.

Due to the quality and the user friendliness of the AviaVox system, it contributes significantly to the professionalization of an airport. This is the reason why the AviaVox system is operational at airports all over the world, for instance in Melbourne, London Heathrow, New Delhi, Brussels, Oslo, Dubai, Lisbon and many others.