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Optimizing Checkpoint Performance

Bavel Consulting specialises in optimizing security checkpoints. As part of our mission, we are committed to improve the operating efficiency, passenger experience, and staff satisfaction at airport security checkpoints worldwide.

Our senior leadership team has more than a decade of experience optimizing security checkpoints. We specialize in the development and implementation of new operating models and the design of infrastructure layouts. This two-pronged experience enables us to provide recommendations that are grounded in a comprehensive analysis that will help improve overall performance and provide the best return-on-investment.

Our Services

Strategy Workshop:
Our clients entrust us with developing the vision, strategies, KPIs and goals for their security checkpoints in the future and identifying the steps to overcome performance gaps.

Checkpoint Analysis:
We help clients identify the operational bottlenecks at security checkpoints using our proprietary “Checkpoint Analysis” framework which covers four operational areas; Forecasting, Planning, Operating, and Reporting. This comprehensive approach ensures that improvement initiatives and recommendations are targeted to offer the greatest return on investment.

Checkpoint Design:
We offer a comprehensive checkpoint design service which includes the development of a 2D schematic layout, 3D interactive model, simulation analysis, and a new operating model.

Clients benefit from our collaborative approach because they receive an unbiased, independent assessment and learn from our knowledge sharing workshops. Clients get a solution tailored to the airports needs and constraints.

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