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The widest printers range for ATI. Custom technology is completely RFID-Ready. All the products increase printing speed with the biggest precision you can find on the market and always with an eco saving approach, thanks to self-calibrating sensors and paper recovery, not wasting any ticket. Last but not least the best TCO on the market. Custom has the best innovative technology concerning boarding cards and luggage tags, being already a leader in CUSS (Common Use Self-Service) and CUPPS (Common Use Passenger Processing System) printing solutions and having compliances with all Airport Integrator’s Platforms. Custom printers have been implemented by CUTE suppliers in more than 400 airports spread all over the world. They have chosen Custom solutions for several reasons: they are means of innovation able to improve passenger’s experience.

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10 good reasons for Custom technology success, the first completely RFID-Ready since 2016:

  • Strong and reliable hardware, for high printing volumes
  • Check-in time reduction thanks to fast printing speed
  • Space reduction and passengers’ classes differentiation, thanks to Multifeeder
  • Improvement in luggage handling and tracking compliance with IATA RES 753, thanks to RFID
  • No tickets waste thanks to self-calibrating sensors and paper recovery
  • Space increase at the gate thanks to small size
  • Easy integration through native AEA
  • Only one device for ATB and BTP (less spares stock and big hardware saving , since you can swap)
  • Same engine for desk and kiosk printers
  • Continuous work on new solutions, to improve security controls

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