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PADS4 FIDS – A Smart Digital Airport Solution

Sure, PADS4 FIDS integrates with major AODB vendors like, CGI, Siemens, T-systems, Adecs Airinfra to provide all the basic airport information.

But PADS4 can enrich this information with existing weather information, building information, passenger flow data and more. Turning FIDS it into a Smart Digital Airport Solution.

Guide passengers to the shortest queues. Inform them about renewed security procedures. Help the finding a restaurant to enjoy a meal. Show them the nearest available restroom. Make advertisement react on destinations. But most important help the to answer the most important question “Will I make my flight?”

PADS4 provides accurate and up-to-date information on every screen on the airport. Through this the passengers knows how much time they have for coffee or shopping and be at the gate when expected.

Delivering a better passenger experience has never been easier. The PADS4 Smart Airport Platform delivers a full curb to gate experience. From arriving by car or public transport, all the way to the gate.

PADS4 is also successfully used in public transport, hospitality, retail, and office worldwide. This means PADS4 is ready to support the Airport City of the future.

We launched our first FIDS solution in 1994. Today, PADS4 supports passenger worldwide on their journey.

Who we are? We are NDS proud developer of PADS4.

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