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Point FWD
Tristar 2, Stationsplein Z-W 985
1117CE Schiphol, the Netherlands

Aviation Security Consultancy
We are Point FWD, a Schiphol-based and specialized aviation security consultancy company. Since the start in 2011 we have been assisting our partners with security equipment development, process optimization and technology implementation projects. Our main context of business is the security checkpoint environment and its developing technology at midsize to large airports around the world. Doing so, data research has always been at the core of our approach. Our belief is that data-driven decision making should be preferred over gut-feeling decisions.

Partner for technology implementation
As of last years – more than ever – we have been experiencing the impact of modern security technology implementations on the coherent and integrated ecosystem of checkpoint processes and have been building an approach to adequately plan and strategize for those changes. By doing so, we are of assistance to a range of partners including airports that plan for change, equipment manufacturers that focus on optimally tailored security solutions and security companies re-organizing staff with a change ahead. Technology implementations include EDS CB, CT, ATRs, Security Scanner, Automated Security lane, Automated Lane Assignment and Counting systems. We basically look at the integration of every technology component included in your security checkpoint concept.

The value we deliver to our clients include:

  • Confidence in security checkpoint redesign and fit-for-purpose decision making.
  • Tailored security solutions that match the process and the airport vision.
  • Decrease of security costs, queuing area and queuing times.
  • Optimized resourcing plan, lane usage and efficiency, spacing benefits.
  • Continuously optimized security performance.

To read more about our approach, please make sure to check out www.eds-cb.com to read more about our approach, the specific challenges to be encountered, the tools and techniques we utilize and some interesting client cases.

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