The Voyage Team, a Piksel Group company

The Voyage Team, a Piksel Group company
York Headquarter
1 Innovation Close
York Science Park
York, YO10 5ZD
+44 (0) 844 863 3600; +39 02 842781

The Voyage Team, part of Piksel Group, is an IT consulting company with an enviable reputation of providing industry leading solutions to the travel and transportation sectors.

The Voyage Team specialises in designing, developing, implementing and managing customer and business-facing digital solutions for the travel industry. With over a decade’s experience working in partnership with some of Europe’s biggest airport and transport names, The Voyage Team has an
unrivalled understanding of the unique needs of this dynamic and fast-changing sector.

Specifically, we focus on how advanced technologies can be used to solve the problems the customers’ face and help deliver their vision.

The Voyage Team’s mission is to drive up passenger footfall, revenues and loyalty by working as a trusted partner to create, deliver and manage innovative and effective solutions aimed at making the traveller’s journey efficient, enjoyable and entertaining. The key to this lies in interconnected apps and end-to-end data intelligence, driving solutions that benefit all travellers, transport hub providers and their commerce partners.

The Voyage Team expertise combines DevOps methodologies, flexible, robust and highly available cloud-hosted solutions and industry leading levels of Managed Service. Thanks to a daily support, customers have reported savings as a direct result of increased efficiencies, lower operational costs and improved passenger satisfaction levels. The Voyage Team works with industry-leading partners, including AWS and Microsoft, bringing an unrivalled wealth of experience to the table.

Alongside with professional and managed services, The Voyage Team provides tailored solutions such as modern iFIDS, cutting edge VCMS2 and innovative mobile development that includes Augmented Reality and IoT features.

The wide variety of the products and services offered reflects the passion, the hard work and the digital expertise that characterize The Voyage Team and that make competitive it in the market.

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