Author Stephane Gomez, cybersecurity lead, consulting and security operation center (SOC) practice, SITA

Welcome to Lapland

Kimmo Mäki, CEO of Finavia, discusses the company’s recently announced €55m (US$64m) investment in its…

Dining out on digital distraction

How can airport operators improve retail revenue in the current climate? Olly Chubb, associate director at Portland Design, looks at some of the trends and habits of the modern traveler.

Travel retail needs less screen-time and more face-time

In the stampede toward e-commerce, digital marketing and in-store technology, are we forgetting the power of the personal approach? Hamilton Sargent, account manager of Blackjack Promotions, finds out more

The changing lounge-scape

Errol McGlothan, director at Airport Lounge Development (ALD), explains how changing consumer expectations are causing shifts in airport lounge usage among passengers

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