Crowd tracking will keep traveling safe

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Tracking crowds through a passenger contagion map and identifying contagious groups will keep travelers safe in a post-COVID-19 world.

The advice comes from scientific research published in a whitepaper by Xovis, a provider of people flow management systems.

Switzerland-based Xovis says physical distancing will be a key challenge for airports to deal with once passengers return in the coming weeks.

The data builds on Xovis’s algorithms studying crowd movements and measuring queues and groups in a dynamic environment.

In airports, security lines will be of particular interest, as will areas frequently used and touched by passengers such as self-service facilities or bathrooms.

Christian Studer, co-founder and chief product officer of Xovis, said, “Using a high-precision people flow monitoring system is the most effective way for airports to ensure physical distancing regulations are met. The whitepaper builds the foundation for implementing exactly this, while protecting airport workers from unnecessary risks and maintaining passenger experience levels.”

Florian Eggenschwiler, managing director, airports, Xovis, said, “We’ve been helping airports for a decade to manage crowds with our 3D stereovision sensors. We’re glad that our unparallel accuracy and privacy compliant solution can now be adapted to serve new use cases that have emerged recently.”

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