Digital identity takes another step forward to becoming a reality 

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SITA has become a premium donor to the Sovrin Foundation as it steps up development of a permanent digital identity for air travel.

The Sovrin Foundation is a non-profit organization focusing on creating a self-sovereign digital identity, allowing the holder to present verifiable credentials in a privacy protected way.

SITA’s role in the project is to speed the development of a digital identity accepted by governments, airlines or airports. The company is deploying Smart Path technology at airports to streamline departures through the use of a single biometric token.

Phil Windley, chairman of the Sovrin Foundation board of trustees, said, “SITA continues to lead the discussion around the adoption of self-sovereign identity in the travel industry. The Sovrin Foundation provides the ideal forum to drive this agenda forward both with the fellow Sovrin Foundation members across the wider economic spectrum but also with key stakeholders in the air transport industry such as IATA, ICAO and Airport Council International.”

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