Railway to reach Sheremetyevo B and C terminals by 2022

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Russian Railways is building a railway line to the Northern Terminal Complex (NTC) of Sheremetyevo Airport (terminals B and C).

Construction has already begun and will be in two stages. The first, to be completed in early 2022, will involve construction of an 8km- (5 mile-) railway line from the new Sheremetyevo-1 station, three receiving and departure tracks, double- and single-track sections, and two overpasses.

Work is almost complete on the first overhead crossing (about 90% built) and has begun on the second, which will house the passenger terminal complex, along with two platforms and ticket and turnstile rooms. This will connect to the existing elevated pedestrian crossing linking Terminal B with the parking lot. The passenger infrastructure will meet modern requirements for comfort and safety. The first stage will enable shuttle trains to leave the Southern Terminal Complex (STC) for the NTC every 15 minutes.

The second stage involves building a new line connecting the NTC and STC to the Savelovsky section of Moscow Railway. This will require the continuation of a double-track connecting line from the Sheremetyevo-1 station to the Sheremetyevskaya stop, as well as the construction of two additional main routes on the Moscow–Lobnya section as part of the Belorussko–Savelovsky project of Moscow Central Diameter-1.

Upon completion, the railway infrastructure capacity at Sheremetyevo Airport will increase from 38 to 72 pairs of trains per day: 32 pairs to the STC and 40 pairs to the NTC with a traffic interval of 30 minutes. Trains to the airport will depart every 15 minutes from Moscow.

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