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Turkey’s Istanbul Airport, currently in the final stages of construction, is set to become one of the world’s largest airports for passenger traffic. Inside the newly opened main terminal building, vertical video walls and standalone displays present content to passengers, including advertising.

All dynamic content on these displays is powered by supplier Navori’s QL software, which was selected by Mediaport Marketing, Istanbul’s digital advertising operator, for use throughout the airport. Navori says that the main benefits of its software platform are multiplayer synchronization and third-party software integration. It notes that for content delivery, multiplayer synchronization provides a seamless experience for travelers with several video walls and displays in their fields of vision as they move through the terminal’s open spaces. Adverts are delivered within a mix of dynamic content (videos, images, multilayered templates, data feeds) that show news, weather, entertainment and promotional content.

The software also ensures that common media is synchronized across all of the airport’s 726 Samsung SoC displays – with built-in Tizen 4 or Windows-based QL Player software – down to 1/20th  of a second. Navori says the software enables this through its time stamp streamer system, which synchronizes each QL Player’s clock with Navori’s QL Server, regardless of the player’s OS. Beyond connecting with external data feeds for screen content, the system’s third-party software integration capabilities also extend to audience measurement systems to aid in campaign evaluation.

“Mediaport required a digital signage network that can reliably serve as many as 200 million passengers annually once the entire airport is open, and sought a Samsung-certified digital software solution,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “As the main terminal building occupies a 1,400,000m2  [15,000,000ft2 ] area alone, the early phases of the roll-out have offered a reliable proving ground for their exacting network requirements.”

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