EXPO NEWS: People flow-monitoring experts Xovis to present AI solution at Passenger Terminal Expo

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Xovis has debuted artificial intelligence-enhanced versions of its people-flow tracking sensors. The improved firmware boosts the already near-perfect accuracy, but more importantly, it enables more advanced analytics that are of particular benefit in retail areas.

Xovis’s existing technology could already track how queues form, grow and dissolve, but retail areas are more complex, as people are making purchasing decisions, roaming around and going in and out of the area that is covered by the sensors. Traditional algorithms, which make decisions based on a limited set of rules, cannot process this additional complexity.

The PC2S with the new AI-powered sensor will be available from May 2018 and uses deep learning to allow the whole people flow to be tracked for even more fine-grained analysis through Xovis’s software solution.

Although the AI functionality is aimed at retail areas, the system is continually under development and AI has the potential to open up further possibilities across the entire airport.

The Swiss company provides airports with a tool to measure real-time KPIs such as passenger frequencies, waiting times and process times in order to manage passenger flows and optimize capacity utilization.

One 3D sensor covers up to 100m² and can be mounted from at heights from 2.2m to 30m. The software connects an unlimited number of these sensors to cover large areas and features automated queue detection.

However, all image processing is performed on the sensor itself. This means that the requirements for external computing capacity are kept at a minimum and because only a constant stream of moving dots leaves the sensors, privacy is guaranteed.

Xovis aims for accuracy and reliability: passengers are recognized individually, even when they are only 18cm away from one another and 98% of all passengers in a monitored area are registered.

The Xovis technology does not depend on devices emitting a signal, such as wi-fi or Bluetooth. What’s more, it claims a mean time between failures of 25 years.

Visit booth 705 at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 for more information, live feeds and demos.

Written by Illya Verpraet

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