Alternatives for passengers left without inflight meals

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With many airlines not currently offering inflight catering options, passengers are having to fend for themselves. Hoping to provide them with easily transportable food options that can be carried on board is Lagardère Travel Retail, which has recently introduced its Pick & Go service.

The company says that its new catering proposition is globally consistent in all stores and is made up of basic, packaged food products sold at competitive prices, and also includes a children’s menu.

Menus have been designed collaboratively between local teams across the company’s retail network and global and business lines teams, making for a flexible and adaptable concept. For example, menus can vary by country and the full selection on offer at a retailer is available to customers via a QR code.

Commenting on the announcement, Mélanie Guilldou, executive vice president of foodservice at Lagardère, said, “We have launched Pick & Go to quickly respond to the needs of end customers who want a safe and affordable alternative to on-board catering, and of landlords who want to maximize the time passengers spend in airports and stations. We have been able to quickly roll out this very customer-centric proposition across all three lines of activities, which is unique for a travel retailer.”

The service was launched in France on July 28, and the company says it will be rolled out in at least 15 countries between now and October.

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