PTE live news: CCM shows modular bag drop units

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CCM is presenting two new products at Passenger Terminal Expo for streamlining the bag-drop process. The first is the Self Service Repack Station. An all-new concept, it gives passengers with overweight bags a place to repack them without holding up the main queue. The second product, a bag drop and check-in counter, has been redesigned with modular features.

The Repack Station solves the problem of passengers going to the self-bag drop and only discovering there that their bags are too heavy. They then either have to pay the surcharge, or hold up the queue while they redistribute their things. The Repack Station (pictured above) integrates a weighing area with a dedicated, level platform for passengers to repack their bags. Failing that, the unit includes a pay station to pay the surcharge for overweight baggage. Following this, passengers can drop their bags off quickly, as they will have printed their bag tag at the Repack Station.

An additional benefit is that all Repack Stations are connected to CCM’s cloud-based web portal, which collects statistics and generates reports.

CCM’s other new product is a hybrid bag drop and check-in counter. The unit can be delivered as an ordinary, staffed check-in counter (left side in picture). If required, it is relatively easy to swap in a module to transform it to a switchable unit that can be used either with staff or as a self-service bag drop and check-in unit (right side in picture). The self-service module can also retract to turn the counter back into a traditional staffed unit. Alternatively, modules can be swapped in for advertising or passenger information. The counter is also ready to accept biometric technology.

Another new feature of the unit is that it no longer includes a door for staff. Instead, the whole unit hinges outward to let staff through. This saves space, meaning that more check-in counters can be installed in the same space.

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