New scanners to ease passenger flow in Qatar

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The rapid processing of passengers through airport security is an area where operators strive to improve efficiency. At Qatar’s Hamad International Airport (HIA), the introduction of new screening technology should aid in this quest.

The airport says its latest screening system harnesses an advanced algorithm that enables security personnel to easily detect explosive materials held in complex items and structures. It says that implementation of this technology will enable transfer passengers to keep electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and digital cameras in their hand luggage while going through security checkpoints.

The new C2 level technology will be initially implemented across all of the airport’s transfer screening checkpoints, which the airport hopes will speed up the inspection process and boost throughput. Compliance with the ECAC C2 Detection standard means the system can identify threat materials in congested bags, including electronic devices that previously had to be removed from luggage. Once the bag is placed on the X-ray for screening, it can be collected without any further stops for re-screening or physical inspections.

HIA is also looking into the prospect of implementing body scanners, to provide better security outcomes while slowly easing all body search procedures.

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