Building airports of the future in a fast-changing world

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Xavier Hürstel, deputy executive officer, Groupe ADP, explains how the launch of the company’s new consulting and engineering offering seeks to build more sustainable and efficient airports around the world. 

Airports are gateways to the world and are thus, like globalization itself, at the meeting point of several contemporary shocks. The Covid-19 pandemic, major geopolitical conflicts, climate change, new types of customers and the evolution of digital technologies are all pushing our industry to reinvent itself toward increased resilience and sustainability.

Groupe ADP can assist all airports as they face these challenges, creating value for stakeholders along the entire chain: airport community, passengers and regions. Our model stands out for its expertise, its network, and its desire to place passenger hospitality above all else.

Acting as a conceiver, an investor and an operator, Groupe ADP is one of the few airport operators to be present at every stage of the airport value chain: from upstream studies in engineering, masterplanning and design, to the commissioning and operations of complex infrastructure. Its expertise can tackle all the different airports challenges in a holistic and bespoke way.

Starting from the realities and priorities of airport operators, Groupe ADP Airport Services designs unique solutions, ensuring the safety and efficiency of operations, bringing innovative agility to airport management, and finally developing an airport ecosystem that creates value for all stakeholders.

Regarding infrastructure development, spanning from the early stage of feasibility studies to the construction completion (on greenfield projects or challenging extensions and refurbishments), this airport expertise in architecture and design, program, project and construction management enables clients to develop smart infrastructures and contribute to the industry’s sustainable growth. For instance, Groupe ADP has developed an extensive body of knowledge around advanced air mobility (AAM) with an expertise that is being continuously consolidated as part of the Paris Region AAM roadmap, to be implemented by 2024. Based on its unique positioning, Groupe ADP Airport Services offers state-of-the-art consulting, engineering and operation expertise on AAM.

When it comes to airport operations, a full range of technical and management services ensures our clients can offer the highest standards in terms of safety, security and passenger experience to address any airport’s stakeholder challenges, helping to achieve world-class performance in airport operations and maintenance. For example, as an active stakeholder on environmental topics, Groupe ADP Airport Services provides consulting services to assist airports in preparing to the process of airport carbon accreditation to reduce their carbon footprint.

When considering asset management, our consulting expertise enables airports to leverage assets, ROI and performance through both aero and non-aero revenues. Because Groupe ADP manages 28 airports around the globe, we have expertise in developing all kinds of traffic (business, leisure, visual flight rules (VFR)) for every type of airport or cluster of airports and offer processes allowing airports to maximize airport revenues, develop the local tourism industry and generate positive externalities for airport’s territory.

The airport of the future is already under construction. ADP Airport Services is a unique consulting and engineering services offer, tailored to meet the high targets set in our industry and build a future we can believe in.

To learn more about ADP Airport Services, visit Groupe ADP at Booth 5265 at Passenger Terminal Expo on June 15-17, 2022, in Paris, France.

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