Hong Kong Airport to renumber boarding gates and parking stands

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A number of boarding gates and parking stands at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) will be renumbered to tie in with the new footbridge, coined Sky Bridge.

The Sky Bridge – a 200m-long weatherproof footbridge equipped with travelators that will connect the Terminal 1 and North Satellite Concourse (NSC) – is one of the enhancement projects at Terminal 1 to increase capacity and provide a novel and hassle-free experience for passengers.

The first phase of the renumbering will be implemented in March 2019, with the second phase following the completion of the Sky Bridge in 2020. The renumbering is aimed to enhance the consistency and clarity of the wayfinding system of HKIA.

Currently, the boarding gates and parking stands at Terminal 1 are numbered so that the smaller numbers are the closest to the entrances of the restricted area, and numbers increases as passengers walk further into the terminal. The renumbering exercise will follow the same logic, and provide a clear sequence for passengers.

On March 28, 2019, Terminal 1 boarding gates and parking stands 15 to 22 will be changed to numbers 5 to 12. Upon the completion of the Sky Bridge, the NSC boarding gates and parking stands 501 to 510 will be renumbered as 13 to 22.

In tandem with the renumbering, the airport authority will update HKIA’s directional signage and deploy additional staff to provide extra assistance for passengers in finding boarding gates during the initial period. Notices will also be posted on HKIA’s website as well as the HKG MyFlight mobile app.

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