Eindhoven upgrades screening

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Eindhoven Airport in the Netherlands has launched an innovative passenger security checkpoint project.

The airport chose to upgrade its security checkpoint to meet the new requirements of the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security. These mandated that all Dutch airports adopt the full use of explosive detection systems for cabin baggage (EDSCB) at checkpoints by the end of 2019.

Eindhoven Airport has opted to deploy C3 standard EDSCB scanners, also known as CT scanners. These enable 3D-screening of hand luggage items, meaning that passengers can keep their liquids and large electronics in their carry-on bags. This will have a positive impact on throughput and the passenger experience at the checkpoint, but the CT scanners should be integrated with automated screening lanes to ensure optimal results.

Eindhoven Airport selected Vanderlande as a partner for the design of its new security checkpoint and lanes, initially starting with two lanes at the end of 2018. The pilot project enabled the two organizations to collaborate on the development of the latest generation of Vanderlande’s advanced automated tray return system (ATRS).

The new advanced lane was designed to achieve higher throughputs, be more efficient and produce less noise, as well as offering an improved aesthetic and ergonomic design. The ATRS can be integrated with most CT scanners currently approved by the ECAC (European Civil Aviation Conference) and issued with trays of various sizes, with minimal changes.

After a successful pilot, six more ATRS units with various configurations were installed at the end of 2019 to meet the airport’s capacity requirements, while making optimal use of the limited available footprint. Eindhoven thus became one of the first airports in the world to screen 100% of its passengers’ carry-on luggage with 3D screening technology. The airport’s checkpoint now consists of eight ATRS units integrated with EDSCB C3 scanners, each reaching maximum throughputs as high as 5.4 passengers per minute.


Passenger security is vitally important – there’s a three-day stream dedicated to Aviation Security, Border Control & Facilitation at this spring’s Passenger Terminal CONFERENCE. The full program can be found here. 

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