Editor’s pick – Top things to see at Passenger Terminal Expo 2022

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Passenger Terminal Expo will take place in Paris on June 15, 16 and 17, and we can’t wait to welcome back thousands of visitors, exhibitors and conference speakers to the world’s best airport conference and exhibition! There will be innovations on show throughout the event, as well as exciting company announcements and insightful conference sessions. Here is a roundup of must-see events, selected by Passenger Terminal World editor Hazel King.

Opening address

Augustin de Romanet, chairman and CEO of Groupe ADP, the host airport authority for Passenger Terminal Expo 2022, will give the opening address at Passenger Terminal Conference at 8:40am on June 15. He will welcome visitors to the event and discuss two of the biggest challenges facing the aviation industry: the decarbonization of air travel and improving the passenger experience. De Romanet will explore how Groupe ADP and the wider aviation industry can address these challenges and shape the airport of tomorrow.

Skytrax World Airport Awards 2022

Taking place in the exhibition hall at 5:30pm on June 16, the Skytrax Awards ceremony is always a headline event at Passenger Terminal Expo. Regarded as the ‘Oscars of the airport industry’, the awards celebrate the best airport operators, terminals, staff, retailers, service providers and more that make the aviation industry so special. Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax, comments, “We have received an overwhelming vote of support and confidence in staging the 2022 event at Passenger Terminal Expo, and we look forward to welcoming back many familiar faces from the world airport industry, as well as all the new award winners who will be attending. The last two years have been the most exacting and troubling times for airports worldwide, and we look forward to providing a platform where all of their hard work and diligence in dealing with the issues caused by Covid-19 can be rewarded and celebrated.” The awards are based on customer evaluations of airport service and facility quality standards across more than 500 airports.

Exclusive show launch – Zoeftig

Booth Z2.4080

World travel is no longer on hold and Zoeftig is excited to showcase its latest product innovations at Passenger Terminal Expo. A global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of passenger terminal seating for over 50 years, Zoeftig will reveal its latest seating product exclusively at Passenger Terminal Expo. Engineered with durable yet luxurious materials, the aptly named Vista is set to change the landscape of airport concourses. Limitless configurations, flexible charging points and a multitude of accessories make it an ideal all-rounder for airports while creating a more relaxing, private experience for travelers. Ready to experience Vista for yourself? Zoeftig will unveil the newest member of its family on Booth Z2.4080 – don’t miss it!

Zoeftig will be unveiling its Vista range

Live demonstration – Siemens Logistics

Booth Z3.6020

Siemens Logistics is looking forward to welcoming visitors to its booth, where it will showcase VarioTip – a new, unparalleled automation solution that unloads baggage from unit load devices (ULDs) with high reliability. VarioTip can empty up to 20 ULDs per hour in the arrivals and transfer zone. Compared with manual processing, the company says the device achieves significantly higher continuous baggage throughput within a shorter timeframe. With VarioTip, airports benefit from notably reduced manual intervention and enhanced ground handling ergonomics. In addition, baggage is conveyed more quickly and safely, which has a positive impact on the left-behind index. Visitors will also have the chance to experience a live demonstration of Baggage 360, an airport operations software that provides customers with innovative real-time baggage-flow forecasts. Interactive maps show movements on the apron. Baggage 360 works as a digital twin and enables airport operators to display processes virtually and optimize and control them through remote access. Make sure you check out VarioTip and Baggage 360 on Booth Z3.6020.

Siemens Logistics’ Baggage 360 software

Live demonstration – Alstef Group

Booth Z1.3185

Alstef Group will be demonstrating its BAGXone AGV live on Booth Z1.3185 throughout the three-day event. The high-speed AGV is designed to handle individual bags in a variety of practical applications throughout the airport baggage handling process. Whether implemented to handle bags-by-exception, such as oversized bags, rush bags, transfer bags and inspection bags, or as a standalone end-to-end baggage handling system in place of a conveyor-based system, a BAGXone AGV solution offers great flexibility. Operating at speeds ranging from 3m/s for short distances in mixed zones to 7.5m/s for long-distance connections, BAGXone provides highly dynamic responsiveness. BAGXone AGVs are highly durable, offering an average lifespan of 30,000+ hours. They are also quick and easy to adapt to the scalability and redundancy requirements of individual baggage systems. If there are increased capacity requirements or an expansion of the bag-gauge sorting system, new AGVs can be easily added to extend the fleet. Come and see the BAGXone AGV in action at Passenger Terminal Expo!

Alstef’s BAGXone AGV

Exhibitor spotlight – Collins Aerospace

Booth: Z2.4000

The Collins Aerospace airport solutions team will highlight several things at this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo:

  • How a connected aviation ecosystem can improve airport operations and the passenger experience. Collins’ acquisition of FlightAware has improved the capabilities of the connected ecosystem. With a focus on the future, FlightAware helps customers turn the vast amount of data generated in the airport ecosystem into usable, actionable information;
  • How, using biometrics, Collins Aerospace envisions a future of paperless travel, where passengers move seamlessly through the airport from check-in through security and immigration checkpoints to boarding the aircraft;
  • How the latest cloud technologies can optimize resources, improve sustainability and reduce costs by eliminating the need for servers, core computing space and costly technical support because less on-site hardware is needed;
  • How airports can create a more sustainable future by enabling technologies that eliminate the need for passengers to repeatedly show printed identification documents (saving paper); reduce or eliminate the need for computer core rooms (reducing energy costs); and decrease aircraft taxiing and turnaround times (cutting fuel costs and emissions).

Visit Collins Aerospace and FlightAware at Booth Z2.4000 to learn how your airport can accomplish all this and more.

Collins Aerospace will explore the future of biometric travel

Exhibitor spotlight – AECOM

Booth Z1.2145

Aviation professional services firm AECOM is pleased to be participating in this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo, where it will engage with clients and industry colleagues to exchange thoughts on new solutions, moving beyond the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and leveraging the renewed focus on sustainable aviation as we recover from the crisis. As the industry rapidly advances various technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and continue the journey toward a net zero world, the aviation industry is fulfilling its part through measures such as sustainable terminal designs, conversion to electrified equipment, use of on-site green energy, increased use of sustainable aviation fuel and advancing aircraft technology in hybrid electric and, eventually, hydrogen as the primary fuel source.

AECOM has adopted sustainable design and environmental, social and governance (ESG) as two core principles that are now fully incorporated into every aspect of the company, including its offices, its focus on travel with purpose, and every planning and design project it is involved in. In addition, AECOM is partnering with key technology providers in the field of sustainability to better understand the current and future trends and leverage them in the offerings to its clients. For example, AECOM is implementing its groundwater mitigation technology for PFAS removal, pioneering vertiport design for the nascent eVTOL environment, employing material recycling concepts for airfield projects, and incorporating state-of-the-art building automation systems to optimize power usage at airport terminals and other facilities.

Thanks to its global footprint, AECOM can advise and assist its clients with the latest and best available and trending design ideas, lessons learned and success stories. Visit Booth Z1.2145, where AECOM’s global aviation leaders will be available to exchange thoughts and provide more details on the company’s approach and experience in the aviation design and sustainability field.

AECOM will be discussing sustainable terminal design

Exclusive show launch – Kusch+Co

Booth Z2.5060

Kusch+Co will launch its newest seating range, the Creva Soft series, exclusively at Passenger Terminal Expo. According to the company, Creva Soft is aligned with the trend toward mobile working, enabling passengers to use their valuable time for focused, creative work. Visually and acoustically screened off at the rear and on both sides by textile wall surfaces, users can talk on the phone undisturbed and sit very comfortably in an armchair or a small berth. Cushions at the sides and back increase privacy. An angular worktop with ergonomically rounded corners is located on the right, protruding slightly forward, offering space for a laptop or tablet, writing or sketch pads, documents and, of course, a cup of coffee. Electronic devices can easily be plugged into the power supply or a USB port and charged via integrated sockets. Kusch+Co sees itself as a competent advisor on all furnishing questions and likes to use natural materials such as leather but also integral foam. The company will present innovative new approaches such as ELeather, a particularly sustainable product, during the expo. Experience Kusch+Co’s latest offering yourself at Booth Z2.5060.

Kusch+Co’s Creva Soft series will be on show


Show exclusive – SITA

Booth Z2.4190

Exclusive to SITA on Booth Z2.4190, attendees will be able to access the company’s insider guides to airports, which provide top tips to guide you through the airport, covering topics such as biometrics, baggage management, APIs and much more. SITA will also focus on its solutions that “allow our customers to do more with less while optimizing the passenger experience, preventing congestion and enabling passenger flow”, says Sergio Colella, president of SITA Europe. “We will be homing in on SITA Flex as a Service, which allows airlines, ground handlers and DCS providers to use our APIs to transform passenger processing in exciting and innovative ways.” The company will also demonstrate its latest end-to-end offerings – from check-in to boarding. “This includes mobile-enabled technologies as well as our latest bag-drop offering, SITA Swift Drop, provided in collaboration with the Alstef Group, and our award-winning TS6 Kiosk,” Colella explains. “We will be showcasing some exciting developments including the latest ‘mask aware’ technology added to our Smart Path solution, enabling passengers to use biometrics even while wearing a face mask.”

Colella will be presenting at the Passenger Terminal Conference alongside Lars Mosdorf, managing and labor director at Dusseldorf Airport, and will discuss environmental and sustainability issues. Don’t miss ‘Sustainability and operational efficiencies @airport – two sides of the same coin?’ at 12:20pm on Thursday, June 16.

Sergio Colella, president of SITA Europe


Passenger Terminal Conference

A visit to Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 would not be complete without attending some of the huge variety of conference sessions available. With topics from advanced air mobility and vertiports to aviation security, border control and facilitation, and environment and sustainability, we’ve got the industry covered. Here is a selection of must-attend sessions:

What: Air mobility integration at airports

When: Wednesday, June 15, 4:20pm

Who: Marco Pellegrino, head of airside operations and first aid, Aeroporti di Roma and an Urban Blue representative

This presentation will explore the challenge of advanced air mobility integration with legacy airport operations, and how to guarantee the safety, security and efficiency of operations. The audience will learn about SWAT analysis of air mobility in the airport environment; the new stakeholder network for enabling a deeper connection between the airport and the urban and regional area; scenarios for the interaction between ATM and UTM in the terminal area; and new technological solutions to guarantee safety and security.

What: Partnership models for excellence in hospitality

When: Thursday, June 16, 9:30am

Who: Josselin Bourcier, business development manager, TAV Operation Services

During this session, Bourcier will explain that the partnership mindset is a promising key differentiator in the travel hospitality industry, to improve the customer experience and create synergies within the airport ecosystem. Attendees will discover how to create successful partnerships in the travel hospitality industry and for what purposes; how to create synergies between lounge operators and other travel retail players to the benefit of customer satisfaction; and how to promote win-win partnerships and sustainable business models between all stakeholders.

What: Carbon emissions at airports

When: Thursday, June 16, 1:45pm

Who: Tine Haas, aviation principal, Dornier Consulting

Significant carbon emissions are generated by passengers and staff traveling to and from the airport. Emerging new technologies and digitalization are changing the way people travel. Haas will explain that this is a chance for airports to actively manage landside access and encourage a modal shift toward more sustainable travel options. She will discuss applications featuring MaaS and nudging approaches that enable airports to create incentives for travelers to use public and shared-service transport. She will also look at the potential of mobility strategies to reduce the carbon footprint and improve the efficiency of airport operations at the same time. The audience will learn about the impact of new mobility on airport access; mobility scenarios and new business models; strategies for nudging toward more sustainable travel modes; and cooperation with MaaS platform operators.

What: Leveraging modular construction to lower costs and elevate passenger experiences

When: Friday, June 17, 11:25am

Who: Mohamed Charkas, airport development SVP, DFW International Airport, and Matt Needham, director of aviation and transportation, HOK

Major airport construction projects can present significant operational challenges that affect costs, schedules and the passenger experience. Charkas and Needham will explain how modular construction methods may be the solution for smoother, cleaner and less disruptive construction and how maximizing pre-assembled materials and unitized components for airport facilities will allow everything from concourses to restrooms and concession units to be designed and assembled off-site and quickly swapped out for upgraded units throughout the life of the facility. Attendees will learn about the evolution of off-site construction methods in airport design; examples of modular construction concepts currently in the works at airports; and the benefits of modular construction, including minimized disruption to airport operations, schedule advantages, heightened efficiencies, labor market opportunities and more.

For more information on Passenger Terminal Expo 2022 and to register for the event, please visit https://www.passengerterminal-expo.com/en/ 

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