PTE live news: Software for PRM management presented at Passenger Terminal Expo

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ISO Software Systeme is launching a PRM (passengers with restricted mobility) module for its SKYPort software suite at the expo. It aims to make the handling of PRMs faster, improving passenger experience.

The system has two elements. On the one hand, there is a module for the team dispatching staff to the right place and making up personnel rostering. The system integrates with ISO’s AODB to parse incoming IATA Type B messages and automate this operation as much as possible. There is also a mobile application for floor staff.

The sales director for airports, Martin Pauli, explained the importance of the technology: “What we are finding with our clients is that handling PRMs is becoming a more important task for them. A lot of people are flying and many of them are getting older and more restricted in their mobility. Handling PRMs from incoming flights is fairly easy, because you get IATA type B messages telling you about it, but handling departing PRMs is becoming more and more complex, as you don’t know when they will arrive and when they will make themselves known.”

Pauli described the system as a kind of “Uber for PRMs”, as work orders can be given to the people on the ground, which they can then directly accept if they are nearby and they are free. They can then scan the boarding pass and take care of the PRM.

The app also allows security to operate more smoothly. The app includes a near-field communication function (NFC), allowing staff on the land side to inform security staff remotely to fast-track the PRM through.

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