PTE live news: Zoeftig unveils new seating solution

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As part of its 50th anniversary celebrations, Zoeftig has launched its latest seating solution for the aviation sector at Passenger Terminal Expo.

The launch, named Contact, has a unique structure that enables the seating system to be specified with a choice of sizes and a range of seat centres, offering unlimited design freedom that can be adapted to meet the needs of individual terminal spaces.

Unlike more conventional airport seating solutions, the seat and accessory positioning system is not static or predefined, employing a clamp-like fixing mechanism that fits to an uninterrupted beam. This enables the system elements to be installed in any configuration, with flexible spacing and positioning between one-piece seat shells, armrests and tables.

This lets each individual airport capitalise on its available space, be it a large luxury waiting area or an enclosed terminal that requires clever configurations to maximise passenger numbers without compromising on comfort or quality.

The system facilitates the opportunity for back-to-back seating or rows or modules of seats and tables, with the ability to reconfigure the seating at any stage during its lifetime.

Tom Arthur, design office manager at Zoeftig, told Passenger Terminal Today, “Contact is available in two sizes – standard contact and contact plus – providing a flexible solution with sliding seat centres that can accommodate up to nine seats to a beam.

“Contact has been designed as an entry-level, low-cost and simple construction that is already proving popular, with our first roll out taking place in Gabon, Africa, in April. Contact is different to other offerings because of its extruding beam which the seats are clipped on to.

“The entire process from initial design to completion has taken two years, and I am really pleased with the outcome.”

Available in PU, upholstered, or perforated steel, Contact offers the highest standard in durability, without compromising on aesthetics or quality. The powder-coated aluminium arms and legs can be adapted to facilitate various sizes of spacing between the seating solutions, with the addition of in-seat power sockets also available for on-the-go charging. There is also the ability to install full or half tables.

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