Toronto Pearson International trials walkthrough security portal

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Threat detection company Liberty Defense Holdings has begun beta testing of its Hexwave walkthrough security detection portal with the Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) at Toronto Pearson International Airport in Canada. The trial began on November 1, 2022, and will continue for a period of two weeks.

Hexwave uses 3D radar imaging and AI technologies to detect and identify metallic and non-metallic concealed weapons and other threats, providing security operators with a real-time, automatic go/no-go decision. According to Liberty Defense Holdings, there is no need to stop and remove keys, cell phones or other items from pockets while passing through the system. The system protects privacy by not personalizing image data, and images can never be seen by an operator. The operator only receives real-time information about threat type and location as people pass through the system.

The airport plans to operate the trial in multiple areas of the airport by conducting voluntary screening in an employee area and a location at the permitter of the airport, including an entrance from the terminal parking garage. Liberty Defense will use the beta site as an opportunity to further test and train the system to continue improving Hexwave’s AI and machine learning algorithms, while also gathering user feedback.

“The GTAA prioritizes security and keeping ahead of the latest threats,” said Dwayne Macintosh, director of corporate safety and security for the GTAA. “At the same time, we value passenger and staff experience and look to next-generation technology to be able to balance both considerations. We look forward to trialling Hexwave and its potential to enhance safety at Toronto Pearson.”

Bill Frain, CEO of Liberty Defense, said, “The Hexwave’s ability to act as an additional layer of security at airports, extending the perimeter of the secured area to include the entrance to the airport itself, is an advantage. We are thrilled to be working with the GTAA as it continues to take an innovative and forward-looking approach to security and customer experience.”

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