Connected concierge robot revealed at Passenger Terminal Expo

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An ‘information robot’ that can be remotely controlled over the internet has been launched at Passenger Terminal Expo 2017.

The CAIBA robot has been developed by Japanese company Indy Associates. It provides travelers with information, answer questions and guides them to their required locations.

The developers hope the robot, which is currently in the testing phase, will one day enable concierge services to be remotely provided in airports by mobility-challenged home-workers.

Keiichi Okada, executive producer of the planning department at Indy Associates, said, “The most important thing about the robot is communication. It also creates a fun relaxing atmosphere and makes people smile, which is important.

“Technically the most aspect is the internet connectivity, which enables remote control of the robot from anywhere in the world.”

According to the company, the CAIBA robot ‘fills the gap between the robot and artificial intelligence’ because artificial intelligence is not yet up to the task of interacting ‘smoothly in conversation’ with people.

The robot traces an operator’s movement across the internet and is controlled as an extension of the operator’s own body. It also features a moving neck to indicate yes and no, and can move across slight inclines and poor surfaces.

Indy Associates is currently looking for its first rental contract for the robot.

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