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Consider the last three times you went through airport security. Chances are, you’ll remember different experiences at each instance. That’s because airports around the world are going through a massive digital transformation to accommodate a rapidly growing rate of annual travellers.

Understanding the critical role that airports will play years from now and the sociocultural and technological shifts affecting airports today, experiential graphic design firm Entro has begun exploring the potential impacts of these developments in relation to wayfinding and branded environments. 

A process-driven management system that shares data so that decisions are made collaboratively is realizing such benefits that it is being adopted around the world

Written by Mario Pierobon

The latest scientific research, music and the art of nudging are all being employed by innovative airports to influence passenger flow and behavior


Written by Marisa Garcia 

In light of the recent US Homeland Security Committee report highlighting the dangers posed by an airport’s own staff, we asked Art Kosatka, CEO of aviation security consultancy, TranSecure, for his thoughts on the ‘insider threat’