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Airports and airlines in search of the latest seating or furniture for their lounges, check-in areas or gate rooms look set to find everything they need at Passenger Terminal EXPO in Stockholm, Sweden, which opens next week on March 20-22. The largest EXPO yet, the event will feature over 280 exhibitors, including some of the biggest names in the contract furniture business. The expo is free to attend – register here.

Tecno Spa brings the Internet of Things to airport seating

Tecno has expanded its range of public seating with the Aeris model, designed in cooperation with Grimshaw Architects specifically for airports. Apart from being flexibly designed to suit any application, Aeris seats feature integrated sensors within the seat shell so they can be connected to the airport control room and supply information on occupancy, maintenance and security. Their flexibility permits linear, corner or back-to-back seating configurations.

The range also features built-in charging points – both through USB and full plug sockets, and the extruded-aluminium chassis guarantees style and stability. The various trim options, which range from polyurethane or metal, to wood veneer, fabric or leather upholstery, allow them to fit into any airport décor.

Drop by Tecno’s stand for a demonstration of Aeris, and to discover the company’s full seating range in service at airports such as Amsterdam-Schiphol and Madrid-El Prat.
Tecno Spa
Stand 1778

Green walls to improve your terminal’s atmosphere
Marrying nature and technology, Lune will present Cloud Garden, which monitors and improves the indoor climate of airports by harnessing the natural air filtration properties of plants. With a ‘green wall’ at its center, it can transform an airport terminal’s atmosphere, both visually and in terms of air quality.

Industrial design and metalworking company Brink Industrial and its sister company Lune, which concentrates on sustainable waste bins, will present their new Cloud Garden concept at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018. The system consists of a wall of specially selected plants and a ventilation system, which is controlled by sensors to send air through the green wall depending on the air quality at any given time.

The sensors measure CO₂, temperature, humidity and the concentration of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) , which are emitted from carpets, paint, furniture, plastics, and other objects and materials common in any indoor location. They can pose a long-term health risk or simply make the air unpleasant, resulting in ‘sick building syndrome’. Plants absorb many harmful VOCs, while emitting benign ones (the pleasant smell of plants).

Cloud Garden also comes with a web application that logs the air quality over time and gives a clear insight into what can and has to be done to improve it. The wall itself is made from metal and mostly recycled materials with special coatings to ensure longevity, so it fits in with Lune’s philosophy of circular economy.

Visit the stand to find out more about Cloud Garden, or to learn about Lune’s range of trash cans that encourage people to make a conscious effort to reduce waste.
STAND 1760

Award-winning seating benches
German furniture company Kusch+Co will be on hand at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 to show its new line of benches, the 8300 V-Travel, which recently won a 2018 German Design Award in the ‘excellent product design and public design’ category.

The company’s 8300 range is available in a large variety of configurations, from standard seats to lounge models and seating islands. Created by Justus Kolberg, the series won a 2018 German Design Award for the 8320/5 model’s contemporary look; clean, pared-down design; and comfortable yet easy-to-clean seating shells formed from PU foam material. Apart from power modules, it also comes with storage to make the passenger’s journey as pleasant as possible.

Talk to Kusch+Co’s representatives to learn about the 8300 range, the company’s newly launched 8600 Lupino lounge chairs or its expertise in the planning of special projects.
Kusch+Co GmbH & Co KG

Made-to-measure check-in, baggage drop and security counters
Stop by INTOS’s stand at Passenger Terminal Expo to discover why Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport has chosen the company to fit its new Terminal 3 with 400 custom check-in, baggage drop and security counters, designed, developed and produced by the Dutch company in less than six months.

Over the last year, INTOS has designed seven different counter types for Houari Boumediene Airport’s new Terminal 3 in Algeria. Starting from a standard design, the company was able to create a custom-made solution that includes seven different types of counter that could be produced quickly, in a sustainable way and with value for money in mind. The new counters are currently being installed by local firms, under INTOS’s supervision.

Drop by INTOS’s stand to discover how the company specializes in customized interior furnishing and develops and delivers counters, signage and security-related products, with more than 100 airport projects completed to date.
INTOS Interior Solutions
STAND 1202

Lounge seats that offer a touch of privacy
Cove, the newest lounge chair from Italian furniture company Poltrona Frau, is set to debut at Passenger Terminal Expo this March. Designed by Foster + Partners, it will star alongside a number of other seating solutions for airports.

The Cove chair responds to the desire for privacy within busy spaces, giving people room to relax, work or eat in comfort, while offering a sense of seclusion within the busy environment of an airport.

It can be placed in any area, on its own or as a cluster, to give passengers just a bit of extra comfort. Any new chair needs to meet the modern traveller’s needs, so the Cove has USB charging points and, optionally, mains power supply and a table.

In addition to Cove, Poltrona Frau will showcase its Aetos seating system, which was introduced at last year’s Passenger Terminal Expo, and Fly_Air, a solid and durable seating system specifically designed for airport waiting areas.

Visit Poltrona Frau’s stand at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 to discover how the company can provide a tailored product and a complete service that includes development, prototyping, interior design, layout, installation on-site and post-sales assistance.
Poltrona Frau
STAND 1005

Cost-effective lounges for airlines and airports

Airport Lounge Development (ALD), which manages a portfolio of airport lounges around the world, will be on hand at Passenger Terminal Expo to update visitors about its new partnership with Virgin Atlantic that allows Collinson Group customers to use the carrier’s iconic ‘The Clubhouse’ at LAX Airport.

ALD, a division of Collinson Group, takes the strain off running VIP lounges to allow airports and airlines to make the most of resources, satisfy customer demand and create an additional revenue stream, while drawing on ALD’s decades of experience running lounges and delivering an outstanding airport experience for passengers.

A total of 26 airlines are now working with ALD to offer their passengers a convenient, comfortable lounge wherever they are. Nonetheless, ALD is looking to expand its current offering of 17 shared-use lounges. To that end, it has partnered with Virgin Atlantic to grant Collinson Group’s priority pass holders access to its 4,000ft² ‘The Clubhouse’ lounge in Terminal 2.

Visit the company’s stand to find why airports that ALD works with have seen up to 60% year-on-year customer growth for their lounges.
Airport Lounge Development
STAND 1685

Modular and sustainable seating
Seat manufacturer Zoeftig will present two brand-new products at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018. The first is Landscape, which takes a fresh look at the airport environment and offers more choice in how passengers sit and wait. The second product is under wraps until the show begins – only those who come to Stockholm this March can discover more!

Landscape modular seating is the fruit of a three-way collaboration between Zoeftig, Batlle i Roig Arquitectes and its experimental design partner, Emiliana Design Studio. It majors on flexibility and versatility, as there is no limit to its length or the number of modules that can be joined together. An interchangeable upholstery cover can be added if required, and it’s possible to incorporate USB connections and a number of different elements and accessories.

Landscape has been developed in accordance with the ISO 14006 standard, which means that all the components are recyclable, and welds and fixed joint elements are eschewed to facilitate the responsible disposal of all the parts at the end of the seat’s life.

Discover how moveART turns functional items into art
Burri Public Elements will reveal how its partnership with moveART GmbH has created a collection of functional sculptures that can lift the image of any public space, including airports.

Ranging from a simple bench to entire play sculptures, moveART elements can provide a place to rest in and around the airport, but at the same time cater for people’s need to move around.

All objects take inspiration from the double-helix shape of DNA, aiming for an energizing and harmonizing effect on people and environments. They are constructed from sustainable Accoya wood, and the company claims a minimum outdoor lifespan of 25 years for them, in addition to their being low maintenance and resistant to vandalism.
BURRI Public Elements AG
STAND 1030

OMK’s new Flite seats offer wireless charging option
Visitors in need of a break from walking the floors at Passenger Terminal Expo and looking for somewhere to recharge their smartphones should head to OMK Design to try out its new Flite terminal seating range.

Today’s travellers carry around a suite of electronic devices requiring constant recharging. Hence Flite – like OMK’s existing Trax and Seville ranges – includes a number of power delivery options neatly integrated into armrests and optional tables, as well as a new wireless charging facility.

The new high-density seating system can be completely configured to suit individual customer preferences, with a choice of low- or high-back designs, different legs and upholstery types. In addition, OMK seating can be fitted with raised seats and longer, padded armrests to cater for persons with reduced mobility.

Stop by OMK’s stand at Passenger Terminal Expo 2018 for a demonstration of the company’s seating configurator and further specification advice.
STAND 1305

Bisley to showcase latest storage solutions 
Bisley will showcase a range of products that offer storage solutions for every eventuality, whether permanent or transient, from spacious lockers with power charging features through to tool cabinets.

This includes versatile, hard-wearing lockers, such as the ventilated MonoBloc lockers and the CLK range for back-of-house offices; the new Bisley LateralFile lodges with single or double-height compartments, charging facilities, and extensive finish and locking options for passenger transitioning; and mobile and static storage units from the Bisley Industrial range for workshops.

Robin Bayliss, international sales director for Bisley, said, “We approach airport terminals like mini cities: they are hives of activity with unique retail and hospitality offers, co-working spaces, office space, security, garages/hangars and exclusive business lounges.

“We keep this in mind when we consider what these dynamic and exciting environments need in order to ensure the smooth running of the facility. Bisley is unique in that it can provide solutions for all environments and help you work better anywhere.”
STAND 1668

Learn about lounges at Passenger Terminal Conference
Airlines and airport management interested in discovering more about the potential of common-use lounges should check out the Commercial Development, Retail & Concessions track on Tuesday, March 20, 2018, when Beth Brewster, EVP International Business Development & Lounges at Manchester Airports Group, will deliver a presentation titled ‘How to maximise the growth in ‘common-use’ executive lounges’.

As an airport, but also an operator of common-use lounges, both within its own airports and as a ‘tenant’ within others, Manchester Airport Group will discuss the background and growth in the global common-use lounge market, the value such lounges can add to airports, and how having the experience of operating in its own airports and as a concessionaire within other airports gives Manchester a unique perspective on not only what makes a good ‘landlord’ but also what makes a good ‘concessionaire’.

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