Hong Kong airport launches community investment project

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Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) has launched its community investment project Extra Mile.

Led by the Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) and created with collaboration from business partners, NGOs and neighboring communities, the project aims to develop and nurture talents, improve social mobility and drive the development of HKIA and Hong Kong.

Fred Lam, CEO of the AA, commented, “The aviation industry is closely related to Hong Kong’s development. As a member of the industry, the AA has been fulfilling its social obligations and responsibilities, and at the same time, striving to promote social development.

“The AA shares the same beliefs as the Hong Kong SAR government in respect to creating shared value, and formulated a community investment vision in 2015 to meet the challenges and opportunities brought by the growth of airport business.

“We conducted feasibility studies afterward and initiated the Extra Mile project. We are glad that there are 15 business partners participating in the first year of the project, marking a good start. With the continued involvement of our business and community partners, we hope that the Extra Mile project will develop and expand gradually – not only to meet the challenges of the airport community, but also to benefit more stakeholders and live up to the spirit of creating shared value.”

With Social Ventures Hong Kong as Extra Mile’s project advisor, it is to include three pilot programs – Working Holiday@Lantau, The Pioneer and EduCare.

Working Holiday@Lantau is a one-year work placement program for working youth, implemented in collaboration with Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. It also includes activities such as volunteering and community exploration, and provides free accommodation and learning subsidies.

The Pioneer is a one-year work placement program at HKIA for non-Chinese speakers (NCS) with leadership potential, carried out in collaboration with the Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises (HKGCSE). It also offers cultural inclusion workshops and activities for participating business partners. Through the program, the AA hopes to cultivate a culturally inclusive working environment and attract more NCS to join the airport workforce.

EduCare is an after-school care program for students whose parents work at HKIA, implemented in partnership with Playtao. In addition to providing tutorial services and exposure activities to help the children’s learning development, the program also offers parenting workshops aimed at alleviating the burden of taking care of their children.

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