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Record-breaking year for Passenger Terminal Expo

The 2014 Passenger Terminal Expo and Conference, which took place in Barcelona, Spain on 25-27 March, has been described as the “best place to experience the latest technologies to enter the market”, and with record numbers of visitors and delegates the event has cemented its position as the world’s leading international airport terminal conference and exhibition.

This year’s record-breaking event saw around 1,400 delegates and over 2,000 visitors attend the exhibition and conference – the highest number of visitors and delegates the event has ever seen. And with more than 160 international exhibitors Passenger Terminal Expo 2014 provided the perfect platform for the industry’s leading figures to discuss and showcase the latest technologies and trends present in the aviation industry. Visitors included CEOs, architects, airport and airline executives, suppliers and key decision makers from across the world.

This year was all about technology and how it can be used to connect and interact with the passenger. “Passenger Terminal Expo is the perfect event to see first-hand the changes taking place in the aviation industry and to keep up-to-date with all the latest trends,” said visitor Serge Petit, chief executive officer, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport. “In Mauritius, in September 2013, we completed a new passenger terminal, but based on what is on show here at the exhibition, we have now realised that we are already lagging behind. We are very impressed by the technologies that are being launched at PTX to help improve passenger experience.”

One of the new technologies launched at the show was Air France-KLM’s electronic bag tag and baggage tracker, which enables passengers to label their luggage at home, drop bags at dedicated bag-drop points and trace their luggage worldwide. There was a plethora of other product launches during the three-day event, including new humanoid robots, baggage equipment, mobile applications, self-service kiosks and bag drops, revenue generation solutions and flight information display systems.

Christoph Oftring, international sales manager at Crisplant, which launched its new Automated Container Handling concept, said, “Passenger Terminal Expo is the perfect place to launch new products for us. The diverse range of visitors from airports around the world means that we can gain feedback on new concepts and work on ways to improve them. I have been attending the event for many years and have witnessed it growing every year. The event is the ideal place for us to discuss future trends, and to meet with existing and potential future customers.”

More information on all the latest product launches from the show can be found on

Passenger Terminal Conference

The conference, which was held alongside the exhibition during the three-day event, hosted more than 300 international speakers. Sessions covered everything from airport design and planning to security, commercial development, customer service, check-in, self-service solutions and sustainability.

Rob Brancheau, senior director of Planning, Engineering and Construction, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority, said, “As always, the Passenger Terminal Conference has been outstanding. I have attended loads of different presentations and have found every one to be extremely relevant. The sessions I have spent most of my time in have covered topics, such as planning and design; facilitation; the airport city model; and commercial and retail. And they have all been extremely informative. In Orlando we’re in the middle of doing some very major projects including a lot of inter-model developments and some of the presentations and exhibitions are really relevant to this. I’m personally trying to encourage having one or two people from Orlando here every year. In three days, you can really see what’s going on around the world and where you stand relative to what others are doing.”

Highlights from this year’s conference included Dubai Airports’ head of Terminal Development, Peter Moore, who spoke about the airport’s A380 concourse a year after its official opening. Discussions from the presentation included what lessons have been learnt after a full year of operation and how can the rest of the industry learn from the development. Another popular presentation came from Michael Ibbitson, CIO at Gatwick Airport who spoke about the airport’s new IT strategy, which is looking at how cloud services can be used throughout the terminal. Attendees found out more about how cloud services can be used to deliver solutions such as web-based services for bag-drop and wayfinding.


Skytrax Awards

The Skytrax World Airport Awards were also held at Passenger Terminal Expo, recognising the best airports in the industry. Singapore Changi Airport was voted as the World’s Best Airport – the second year in a row that the airport has picked up the coveted award. Incheon International came second, with Europe’s Munich Airport in third. Other categories included World’s Best Domestic Airport, which was won by Tokyo Haneda, World’s Best Airport Terminal, which was awarded to Heathrow T5, and World’s Most Improved Airport, which was given to Shenzhen Bao’an International.

"Winning this prestigious award for the second year in a row, Changi is showing itself to be much more than an airport," said Edward Plaisted, CEO of Skytrax. "Changi Airport offers a travel experience in itself and continues to develop its quality standards to be named the world's favourite airport again."

A full list of all the winners can be found here.

Passenger Terminal Expo and Conference 2015 will be held on 10-12 March in Paris, France. For more information, click here.

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“We have found this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo excellent. We have a very diverse product range, so we have appealed to a lot of visitors. The event has enabled us to have some great conversations with a diverse set of clients.”
Peter Duffield, head of Sales, Zafire

“We have been very positively surprised about the amount of people that showed up on the first day, but it has been very busy right from the start. I have been attending Passenger Terminal Expo for many years and I have seen it growing every time. This event provide a great opportunity to get feedback from the market and to discuss future trends, and to meet with existing and potential future customers.”
Christoph Oftring, international sales manager, Crisplant, part of the Beumer Group

“I have been coming to Passenger Terminal Expo for years and this is by far the best yet. I think the quality of conversations and visitors and delegates has just been exceptional, and it has definitely validated our decision to exhibit here and validated our decision to be here again next year.”
Martin Bowman, sector director, Transport, Lockheed Martin

“We exhibit every year and always find that we make a lot of great contacts with airports and airlines at the show. We choose to participate because we want to put our brand out there, make people more familiar with us and to meet new airports and know what’s going on in the airport industry – something we are really achieving at this year’s event.”
Sandra Baltissen, international marking & PR executive, Boon Edam

“I’ve been involved with Passenger Terminal Expo for some years and it’s always a great event. The expo provides a place to expand our footprint as we want to get our message across and become more global as quickly as possible.”
Beesem Bikhazi, founder and CEO, Gooey Global

“What I really appreciate about this show is that it changes locations every year. We have a lot of shows now in London and every new event seems to be in London, which makes it very tough to attract people from the continent to come over to an expensive city. Therefore, I really like the Passenger Terminal Expo concept and the fact that you’re always choosing different locations. I think its great because it does bring different people to the event.”
Elke Oberg, marketing manager, Cognitec

“We started to target airport markets in 2006 and so we want to build our image as a player in this industry, which the expo has definitely helped us to achieve. This is the single most important event in our industry (passenger services and the general systems associated with it).”
Petr Otoupal, managing director, Simpleway

“Passenger Terminal Expo is the only show we exhibit at and we exhibit every year – we have to be here, it’s a very important event for us, especially to find new customers and showcase our product range.”
Lorena André, Sales and Marketing, RESA

“The event is a great place to promote our company, we want to expand in the airport market and gain more experience in the industry to be stronger and develop even more technologies and solutions, and the expo provides a great place to do this.”
Nuno Nunes Alexandre, Export Manager, Cominfo


“As always, the Passenger Terminal Expo has been outstanding. The challenge is there’s so many good things to do concurrently, that you really have to make decisions about where you want to go. I have attended loads of different presentations and have found every one to be extremely relevant. The sessions I have spent most of my time in have covered topics, such as planning and design; facilitation; the airport city model; and commercial and retail. And they have all been extremely informative. The exhibition hall is always fantastic, for us, as a US airport, it shows what the rest of the world is doing and really how far behind we are in some respects. In Orlando we’re in the middle of doing some very major projects including a lot of inter-model developments and some of the presentations and exhibitions are really relevant to this. I’m personally trying to encourage having one or two people from Orlando here every year, maybe from different areas. In three days, you can really see what’s going on around the world and where you stand relative to what others are doing.”
Rob Brancheau, senior director of Planning, Engineering and Construction, Greater Orlando Aviation Authority

“I’ve been to Passenger Terminal Expo in previous years and this year is excellent. Everything is here – products, services, systems – it’s all in one place. We specifically came to see self-service bag-drops because we are looking for a solution that is right for our airport and have been very impressed by the technology available. We have been seeking a solution suitable for our airport, our airlines and passengers, and we go to Passenger Terminal Expo for this because it is the biggest and best event.”
Putit Chaipeth, Computer System analyst, Airports of Thailand

“The event is great. We have been to other events, but Passenger Terminal Expo is the biggest. We came to see self-service solutions and the strategies other airports are putting in place as we are seeking to put a long-term strategy in place to improve the passenger experience, and have managed to do that.”
Allen Lainez, airports training director, Copa Airlines

“We come to Passenger Terminal Expo to look for solutions to any problems we have in our airport. We make many of our decisions based on the companies and solutions that we see at the expo. If we have a project, such as a new terminal building, then we need to see the latest technology and it’s great to have all the companies in one place. This year, we specifically came to see terminal technology including self-service solutions, which we know we’ll find at the expo. Sometimes we hear about a company but never meet them because they are not in our country and there is nothing like this in Saudi Arabia, therefore we gather our information here.”
Majed Al Harbi, managing engineer, King Khalid International Airport

“We are looking for some baggage reconciliation systems and baggage handling companies, including what’s new in the market. Quite a few systems have impressed us so far. It’s good to see who can provide these kinds of systems and get some contacts and possibly achieve some contracts.”
Lars Peter Larsen, system specialist, Baggage Terminal, Copenhagen Airports

“I came to find out more about planning in airports and I’ve gained some very good ideas here. There are a lot of promising ideas, especially involving advanced technology. We were actually thinking about organising our own event in Libya, based on what we’ve seen at the expo here.”
Khaled M. Berbash, chief of advisors, Libyan Airports Authority

“It’s a great event to gain good exposure. You can see the changes taking place in the aviation industry and keep up-to-date with all the latest trends. In Mauritius we have just completed a new passenger terminal in September 2013, but we realised we are already lagging behind based on what we’ve seen at the expo – we are very impressed by the technologies and solutions on show here.”
Serge Petit, chief executive officer, Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport

“This expo is the only one with a broad range of terminal equipment, which for me as an IT manager is really important, and many of my suppliers are here.”
Henning Larsen, IT manager, Billund Airport

“I like to visit Passenger Terminal Expo to see what’s new in the industry and since we’re a medium-sized airport, to see where the larger airports are going and what sorts of trends we’re seeing. Also we’re in Canada, and as Europe seems to have the bigger hub airports, we try to learn from these and the lessons they have to offer. The event gives us more exposure to what’s out there. As I represent the airport owner, there’s a bit of everything here that you can kind of get a taste for and it’s nice to have everything under one roof.”
Tracy Nihei, manager, Airport Terminal, Vancouver Airport Authority

“I have attended this expo for a few years now and continue to come back to see the evolution of technology, as well as new and current exhibitors and projects. For example, when I attended my first expo in Paris it was only the beginning of automatic bag-drops and self-service boarding, which has now very much evolved. Therefore I come to see which technology is new including handling of baggage, self-boarding, automatic gates, etc. In one day you can meet a whole array of exhibitors since you have everything in one place.”
Stéphane Mazenq, business engineer, head of Power Projects and Airport Processes, Toulouse Blagnac Airport

“It’s a great place to see new technologies in the market and make contact with people in the industry.”
Marie Jaiz, project manager, Aeroports de Paris

“There are a lot of people together in one place and there is lots of information to take in – the exhibition provides a single shop where you can interact with service providers and find more about the different products on offer. I’m part of an airline that always aims to be at the forefront of technologies, so the expo is a good place to find the leading edge of technologies and find out what’s best in the market. The exhibition is one of the best places for airlines and airports.”
Satyan Abraham, technical manager, Emirates

“We came to see what’s currently available on the market and to find possible new partners. Its been going very well. This expo is the biggest one and the most suitable for communications and our needs.”
Dzhamal Karzimbegov, business development manager, PrimeTouch


“I came for the conferences; the sessions on passenger experience were very useful and relevant to me. I generally came to learn new things and expand my views and have achieved this.”
Dennis Mastrogiacomo, head of Operations Division, Geneva Airport

“The show is very well organised. The technology on display is good every year; it’s great to see the latest equipment on display. Being a maintenance manager, I find the conferences on services most useful – the conference on Dubai this year was particularly interesting and useful to me.”
Eng. Adil A. Al Yafey, senior maintenance manager, Oman Airports Management Company

“It’s my first time here and I’m discovering a lot of useful things for my airport. I came to especially find ways to speed up our security screening process as well as automatic bag drop solutions, automatic gate access and crowd control technology. I’m really impressed by some of the presentations that I’ve seen including how to speed up the whole security process and shorten wait times. It’s been an extremely positive experience. I’m actually very new to Luxemburg Airport, I’ve only been two months in the job, so for me the expo is about discovery. Although I’ve worked in the aviation sector for over 40 years, I’m still discovering the latest technology, which I can find here.”
Johan Vanneste, president and chief executive officer, Luxemburg Airport

“It’s been a great conference and exhibition. As head of security, I came to find security solutions, specifically to lower queuing times in terminals. I saw a range of different solutions and have found what I was looking for. Since every airport has more or less the same problems, I also came to see how other airports are dealing with their problems, to meet other people in the industry and to share our airport with others so that we can visit each other in future. I have managed to get the information I needed.
Daniel Conrardy, head of Airport Security, Luxembourg Airport

“Every year we select a little group from different divisions within our airline to attend the expo and specifically, the conferences. We attend the presentations to find out more about the passenger experience and gain more insight into improvements in airports including services and passenger improvements. We’re taking on board a lot of useful and very relevant information.”
Felipe Lizana Mejias, infrastructure manager, LatAm Airlines

“One of the main benefits of this conference is that is has a very good mix of exhibits and content. Although there are other shows available in the industry they may offer very good conferences, but not so good exhibits and vice versa, so I think it’s very important that PTE combines the two. It’s the combination of exhibits and conferences that makes the expo successful.”
Darija K. Scott, managing principal, Scott Associates Architects

“As we are Spanish, the expo this year has been great as it is in Barcelona, so very close by and has been incredibly useful. For us, this expo is the main event of the year and the best for the airport environment.”
Benjamin Moreno Palacios, CEO & founder, Airport Gurus

“The people who are presenting at the Passenger Terminal Conference really know their stuff and they’re high up enough in their organisations that they’ve got descent useable data. There have also been a lot of discussions that spur further discussions. As I’m a consultant to Vancouver Airport, we can talk about these things, so there’s a lot of cross-collaboration.”
Graham Lovely, Project Manager, MCW Consultants

March 28, 2014


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