Kinetic Consultancy launches survey investigating the future of commercial real estate contracts

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A survey has been launched by Kinetic Consultancy seeking an industry expert view on the future of commercial (retail) contracts, with the insights derived from the survey supporting the generation of futureproof strategies for both landlords and retailers.

The Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the way people buy, with online retail and e-commerce soaring as high street shops and malls struggle. As a result, commercial leadership is considering how these changes in behavior will impact the future of commercial (retail) contracts (or perhaps vice-versa) at high-traffic locations, such as airports, rail and public transportation and urban centers.

“Airports, shopping malls, mix-use real-estate, rail and other so called high-traffic locations have very similar business dynamics. We have found that a broad approach on insight generation is beneficial for those operating in our industry,” said Martijn Steur, Kinetic Consultancy managing director. “In our recent conversations with several airport industry leaders we’ve learned that there is increased insecurity about the future of commercial retail contracts and thus a need for insights on what and how they may change.”

Juriaan van Waalwijk, business analyst and customer journey specialist, Kinetic Consultancy, said, “Leaders in our industry have to steer the day-to-day business as well as futureproofing strategies. We believe that as a community we can collectively have a better understanding than separately.”

The survey is designed so that it can be completed in one minute. Kinetic will share the findings of the survey free of charge.

To contribute to the survey, click here.

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