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Fraport unveils winner of Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge

The members of the jury from left to right: Claudia Uhe, Fraport; Denis Eser, HYVE Innovation Community; Konstantin Gänge, Airbus; Johannes Sammann, Heinemann; and Markus Garn, FBM

Fraport, the operator of Frankfurt Airport in Germany, has unveiled the winners of its inaugural Frankfurt Airport Innovation Challenge, where members of the public were invited to submit their ideas on how to improve the passenger experience at the airport.

A five-member jury comprising industry and innovation experts determined the six best ideas from the competition. Ideas ranged from the use of augmented reality on Frankfurt Airport’s Visitors’ Terrace to the development of baggage carts that follow passengers using Bluetooth sensors.

First place went to the ‘Innovation Space’ – a dedicated room where passengers can meet up to be creative and develop ideas together. Specific issues and problems can be discussed, not only by the airport operator, but also by local startups or passengers. The jury based its decision on the likelihood of implementing the idea and the potential to offer passengers an area for dialog and creative input.

Claudia Uhe, head of corporate development, environment and sustainability for Fraport and the chairwoman of the jury, said, “This idea promotes Frankfurt Airport and the entire region as a place for innovation. People from all around the world come together at Frankfurt Airport. The idea provides an excellent platform for direct customer feedback and the opportunity to exploit the great potential of creative minds from around the globe who come together here at the airport and in the region.”

Jury member Markus Garn, a former manager at publishing company Frankfurt Business Media (FBM), said, “The ability to innovate is fundamental for the future of any company. The Innovation Space provides a framework for continuous, open development of ideas, communication and active networking as an optimal addition to traditional idea and innovation management. An open co-working space can serve as a model for both the airport and the entire region. It also provides an opportunity to follow up on other ideas developed during the competition and ensures creative continuity.”

Fraport will now examine the six best ideas in terms of their practicability and will aim to implement all six if possible.

“Thanks to the fantastic response to this first competition, we are also hoping for future innovative projects that can be used to further enhance the travel experience for passengers at Frankfurt Airport,” added Uhe.

September 13, 2016


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