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Arup aviation leadership team to speak at Passenger Terminal Conference

Engineering consultancy Arup has unveiled its full line-up of speakers for this year’s Passenger Terminal Expo and Conference, taking place on March 14-16, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Senior members from Arup’s global aviation team will advise on several key projects including: the sustainable development of the Midfield Concourse (MFC) at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA); airport security by design; sound levels within the terminal; and Arup’s upcoming baggage handling project at London Heathrow Airport.

The full line-up includes:

Day 2: Ian Taylor, global aviation business leader
Session: Energy, Environment & Sustainability
Sustainable development of the MFC at HKIA

Synopsis: The recently completed MFC at HKIA is an exemplar of sustainable concourse design, exhibiting HKIA’s commitment to becoming a world-leading green airport. The 105,000m2 (1,130,000ft2), five-level concourse incorporates 20 new parking stands and will increase passenger handling capacity by at least 10 million passengers per year. We will describe how the early integration of sustainable design principles from project outset, including passive design strategies and low-energy active design techniques were employed to deliver a sustainable, high-performance concourse with a comfortable passenger experience. Ian will be presenting with Colin Ridley of the Airport Authority of Hong Kong.

Day 2: Stacey Peel, associate director, strategic aviation security lead
Session: Airport Design, Planning & Development
Security by design – it makes good business sense

Synopsis: The vulnerability of an airport’s landside to a terrorist attack is well known and sadly exploited, most recently in Istanbul and Brussels. A holistic and risk-based approach to landside security coupled with involving security in all landside developments – even those developments without obvious security scope – provides a range of benefits beyond security, including commercial, future-proofing and passenger experience. We will share our experience and developments in this key area for airport development. Stacey will be presenting with Emma Boulby of Adelaide Airport.

Day 2: Rian Burger, associate principal, aviation:
Session: Customer Service & Passenger Experience
Sound: the next frontier of passenger experience

Synopsis: Our five senses provide the raw data on which we base our ‘experience’ of spaces. In an attempt to improve passenger experience and revenues, airports have increasingly focused on entertaining passengers and making the environment more comfortable. But are the right things being done or have we created too much noise? Many airport environments have become incredibly stimulating – some might even say unpleasant – due to excessive noise and environmental clutter, which interferes with wayfinding and communication, and may increase passenger stress. How can we use sound to shape and improve the passenger experience, and improve non-aeronautical revenues? Rian will be presenting with Janine Gervais of the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

Day 3: John Beasley, associate director, airport development
Session: Technology: Integration & Apps
Baggage at Heathrow: expansion

Synopsis: Following the UK government’s decision on runway expansion, Heathrow Airport and Arup are working together to refine and develop the baggage masterplan. We will present our latest thinking on the next steps in delivering the masterplan at Heathrow. In particular we will look at baggage options for the next phase of Terminal 2 – a key step along the path to maximizing Heathrow’s capacity. We will share some of our insights arising from previous baggage projects and operations, and explain how these, together with ambitious objectives for the future, will shape the baggage service at Heathrow. John will be presenting with Alan Cowper of Heathrow Airport.

Day 3: Marco Boettcher, senior consultant, airport development
Session: Technology: Integration & Apps
Delivering additional baggage capacity in Heathrow’s constrained environment

Synopsis: Providing effective and sufficient infrastructure is a challenge for airports worldwide. Retaining operational flexibility while growing passenger numbers can be severely constrained by the available footprint. Heathrow Airport has been looking to deliver additional make-up capacity through reviewing operational processes, adopting innovative approaches and making better use of existing infrastructure. Arup has been working in close collaboration with Heathrow Airport on this initiative and will reflect on their solutions: for example, the introduction of new ways of working, such as compressed or batch building combined with the supporting infrastructure to future-proof Terminal 5. Marco will be presenting with Alicia Mouriz of Heathrow Airport.

To learn more about Arup’s projects and services, delegates can visit stand 1020 in the Exhibition Hall, located next to the conference main entrance. The consultancy will demonstrate how it helps its clients to create resilient airports; improve the passenger experience; deliver sustainability; optimize assets; enhance operational efficiency; and increase commercial revenue. The company will also be showcasing its current visualization work, demonstrating how it communicates complex spatial data for stakeholder engagement.

Written by Daniel Symonds

March 6, 2017


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