ADB Safegate to showcase digital apron offering at Passenger Terminal Expo

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ADB Safegate will showcase its digital apron offering at Passenger Terminal Expo in Paris, France, on June 15-17, 2022.

The company will show how airports can transform their performance by unleashing the power of data and predictability. Today’s airports generate vast amounts of data, but too often it is locked up in silos with little chance of being used to benefit the airport as a whole. ADB Safegate has brought together the solutions and partners that will help airports build a more efficient future in which intelligent integration and automation will create smarter, more tightly integrated airport processes and systems.

ADB Safegate’s Digital Apron integrates processes and systems from the airfield, gate, tower and terminal to improve overall airport performance. It uses advanced technologies including automated aircraft docking, data analysis, artificial intelligence and video surveillance to help airport operators not only improve turnaround operations and on-time performance but also plan and manage the environmental impact of airside operations. The solution can also create a connected ecosystem providing operational elasticity and the ability to remain operational in all weather conditions. Alongside this, it ensures that operators use apron space more efficiently for safer, incident-free operations while reducing operational costs and creating new revenue streams. Overall, this improves the passenger experience.

The company’s unified web platform (AS-Vision) enables airport and airline staff to view data relevant to their functional roles on any mobile device and manage airport performance on the move. It provides a single view for all flight-related information whether it is flight updates, turnaround process, status of apron resources or KPIs, and enables airports to integrate different systems for a unified stakeholder experience.

ADB Safegate’s SafeControl Apron Management (SAM) software increases situational awareness with a complete view of ground traffic, together with real-time updates on stand operations, equipment status and turnaround process, to enable operators to make better decisions to mitigate disruption and enhance operational efficiency. Its new web- and mobile-friendly interface runs smoothly in a browser on any mobile device.

ADB Safegate’s latest-generation Safedock Advanced Visual Docking Guidance System (A-VDGS) now includes a mobile operator panel. It creates timestamps for the start and completion of each turnaround activity and sends this data automatically to SAM and AS-Vision, where it is enriched with the data from sensors, video and image recognition to create a 360° operational view of the apron. When integrated with the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS), the A-VDGS act as A-SMGCS sensors to eliminate black spots near terminal buildings, providing greater situational awareness and safer operations.

To learn more about ADB Safegate’s solutions for the digital apron, visit Booth Z2.5000 at Passenger Terminal Expo from June 15-17, in Paris, France.

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