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Cleaning robots introduced at Auckland Airport

Global cleaning company OCS has deployed three different models of cleaning robots at Auckland Airport in New Zealand.

Developed by Intellibot Robotics in the USA, the AeroBot, HydroBot and Duobot are robotic cleaners that perform tasks such as scrubbing, vacuuming and sweeping without needing hands-on tending by workers. Each robot uses sonar to sense and avoid obstacles along the way, and can be programmed to travel along a planned route.

The Intellibots are the first robotic cleaners to be introduced for commercial cleaning in New Zealand and will bolster OCS’s team of more than 200 employees that provide services to Auckland Airport.

Gareth Marriott, acting managing director at OCS, said, “Auckland Airport prides itself on its high level of service to travelers, and places a strong emphasis on ensuring that this prestige is maintained – a key element of this is the cleanliness of airport facilities. The introduction of the Intellibot technology means that we can continue to provide our services at a consistently high standard to the airport, while also optimizing resources and productivity.

“Another important benefit of the Intellibot technology is that it has a specially designed UV light filter system that eliminates 99.9% of germs from the floors as it cleans, minimizing the threat of airborne bugs lodging themselves somewhere. This makes it a safer, cleaner and more hygienic environment for travelers.”

Existing OCS employees will benefit from the new technology by taking on higher skilled roles such as programming and maintenance of the equipment, while the robot takes over the manual labor. Whereas a typical worker would be able to clean 3,230ft² of floor area per hour, the Intellibot is designed to cover three times the area in the same amount of time. The Intellibots also use up to 85% less water and cleaning solution per eight-hour shift.

Rick Dunn, vice president of global sales, Intellibot, said, “OCS first spotted our technology during a field trip to Chicago in 2009. They’ve patiently waited five years for the technology as it was only last year that our Intellibots have been available globally. New Zealand is the third country outside of North America to benefit from the technology, and will have round-the-clock support from our service technicians back home.”

July 24, 2015


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